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Time Unit: X-COM vs XCOM / Gollop vs Solomon

I say 'vs', but the reality of this meeting between the 20th and 21st century masters of X-COM is that they repeatedly seem on the verge of embracing each other, rather than trading blows in a bitter row about time units and action cameras. Rev3Games arranged for original X-COM co-creator Julian Gollop to meet Jake Solomon, the lead dev on Firaxis' XCOM remake, the result being this rather delightful recording of their seventeen-minute exchange.

This is a wonderfully nerdy discussion between two turn-based strategy veterans, covering X-COM and X-COM's design and mechanics, the history of the original game, why Microprose dropped the series' ball so badly, Gerry Anderson and the joy of death.

Good thinking to get these two in a room and point a camera at them, Adam Sessler. Oh, my regret about not being able to go to GDC is boundless.

Also: if only this encounter could lead to Mr Gollop joining Firaxis to work on the recently-teased XCOM sequel (or whatever it is). Dreams, dreams, Martian dreams.

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