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Time Unit: X-COM vs XCOM / Gollop vs Solomon

I say 'vs', but the reality of this meeting between the 20th and 21st century masters of X-COM is that they repeatedly seem on the verge of embracing each other, rather than trading blows in a bitter row about time units and action cameras. Rev3Games arranged for original X-COM co-creator Julian Gollop to meet Jake Solomon, the lead dev on Firaxis' XCOM remake, the result being this rather delightful recording of their seventeen-minute exchange.

This is a wonderfully nerdy discussion between two turn-based strategy veterans, covering X-COM and X-COM's design and mechanics, the history of the original game, why Microprose dropped the series' ball so badly, Gerry Anderson and the joy of death.

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Good thinking to get these two in a room and point a camera at them, Adam Sessler. Oh, my regret about not being able to go to GDC is boundless.

Also: if only this encounter could lead to Mr Gollop joining Firaxis to work on the recently-teased XCOM sequel (or whatever it is). Dreams, dreams, Martian dreams.

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