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20,000 Leagues Above The Clouds Announced

Scandinavia really is becoming a hotbed of fascinating indie projects. Yet another studio has spawned in Sweden, this time emerging from the likes of Grin, Gameloft and Media Molecule, called That Brain. And this team of just two has already got a long way into an impressive looking single-player airship game, 20,000 Leagues Above The Clouds. You can see the first footage of the mission-led trading/exploring below, and indeed find out how to join their team - they're hiring.

It's a peculiar announcement video, beginning more like a tourism advert for Stockholm, but eventually remembering that it's meant to be about a game. And is seemingly narrated by Bjork. (I'm fairly sure it's not.)

Obviously this is not the only airship combat game. Air Buccaneers and Guns Of Icarus spring immediately to mind. But what stands out here - from my misanthropic perspective at least - is that it's single-player. There are plans for multi eventually, but the core game is designed to be an accessible single-player experience, character driven, and inspired by the likes of Miyazaki, Firefly, and Baldur's Gate. Sure, anyone can name names, but they're naming the right ones.

It's interesting to note that the trailer above sounds like it's about to launch into a Kickstarter pledge, but then doesn't. In fact, when they say they need "your help", at this point at least they seem to mean in terms of people voicing interest in the project, and actually working for them. Of course, some crowd-funding may well still be to come.

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