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And Now There's In-Game Torment Footage, Too

Back in my day, RPGs were nothing but intangible, entirely unmoving canvases for imagination. And by that, I mean yesterday. Torment: Tides of Numenerararararararararara took its first itsy bitsy widdle slime-drenched steps toward existence with a screenshot, but boy do they ever grow up fast. Now it's moved on to a full-blown (though extremely brief) video, and before we know it, the Planescape sorta-successor will be driving, going to college, and raising its own litter of little Torment-lets. But I'm probably getting ahead of myself, because I desperately hope it'll eventually pay my retirement home bills. However, that "eventually" just got a bit further off, as Torment's already suffered a slight delay. Video and explanation after the break.

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Chitinous. I do so love it when that's the first word that springs to mind after I see something. If that's not a sign of greatness, I don't know what is. But yes, this is basically yesterday's screenshot, just with a little motion and some snazzy mood lighting thrown in for good measure. Even so, the vibe's suitably creepy crawly and foreboding, so I'm starting to feel cautiously optimistic. Because that's how I react to icky, gross things that will probably eat me.

As for that delay, well, it's actually because inXile's managed to change the nature of too many men to "unceasingly spew money," so it needs some extra wiggle room to squeeze in all the extra features.

"Many of you have asked if the unexpected support we have received will require us to push back the release date. While we do not yet know what our final development budget will be, we do know that we’ll need a few months past the December 2014 launch date we first proposed at $900,000. It’s our plan to use funds to keep the team on the project longer, allowing us to design, iterate, and polish more, to make a game that truly lives up to the Torment name."

Meanwhile, the team's also added even more stretch goals, all the way up to $4.5 million. As of now, Torment's got a few days left in its Kickstarter, and Chris Avellone's involvement is just a hair away from becoming a done deal. Naturally, then, inXile's hopeful that the final few days will prompt another volcanic explosion of generosity.

Regardless, it looks like all the stars are aligning quite nicely. So how are you feeling about Torment's shiny new pants? Do you think inXile can do Torment's legendary (a mighty impressive feat after only one game) legacy justice?

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