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Imp-rove Impire With Some Free DLC

Did you dig Impire? Are you still delving deep into Paradox's dungeon management game? Then this story is for you. Paradox are releasing an ore-ful lot of DLC for free, and they demond you play it. There's a vein of new single-player, multiplayer, and customisation content being released for Impire. Please don't take it for granite.

That last one was 'granted', FYI. The trouble is that I don't know whether to aim for mining puns to cover the dungeon carving and building, or demonic puns to cover that side of it. Can you help me RPS readers? One thread for each, I reckon. Anyway, Impire's new DLC digs into all of the game's shafts. There are two new multiplayer modes: Hell on Wheels, where you'll escort a wagon into the enemy base while protecting your own, and Survival, a co-op mode where you'll protect their own unit from incoming heroes while attempting to build up a base of power. There are also a bunch of fiddles riddling the game, with new runes bringing additional powers, and customisation options to help your demon look just so. I don't think it'll be enough to improve it in Alec's eyes, but if you enjoyed the game then there's now more of it for you.

At 6pm tomorrow evening, Paradox will be hosting a live-stream of the game hosted by producer Joe Fricano. I actually really love that they take put the game and the producer live in the firing line like that. There's nothing more appealing than a blooper.

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