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Hail To The Thief: Monaco Coming Later This Month

Being a good thief requires patience. Co-op heist darling Monaco, for instance, has been on the radar for ages (we first posted about it back before thievery was even invented, in the primordial mists of 2010), so it's methodically slipped in and out of hiding to avoid detection and subsequent ejection. Or, you know, it's a hyper-ambitious independent videogame, and hammering its many moving parts into working order was akin to coordinating a hitch-free heist of the world's foremost exceedingly loud clown shoe, whoopee cushion, and  landmine museum. Regardless, its release is now finally, mercifully right around the corner.

Creator Andy Schatz - in maybe a first for this sort of thing - eschewed words, a trailer, or a traditional feast on freshly slaughtered goat in favor of a handy, dandy announcement GIF.

Monaco, says the almighty moving square, will be available to all on April 24th. It'll run you $14.99 on Steam, or you can pre-order it on its official site for the same price and receive a DRM-free version, a Steam key, and a few extra goodies. Or you can not buy the game at all, but that seems kind of silly given all the painstaking, white-knuckle work you've gone through to read this post.

Also, it's kind of a great, super intriguing game and stuff. That's another reason you might want to give its brand of class-based, disco-colored looting a try. Oh, and while you wait, you can steal a glance at the most precious crown jewel of all - knowledge - via Jim's colossal interview with Schatz. So yes, go on then.

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