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Cracking cooperative heist 'em up Monaco has a sequel coming

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine was a lovey one

A sequel is coming for excellent cooperative heist game Monaco, publishers Humble Games announced today. Jim Rossignol's Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine review in 2013 was pretty straightforward: "This is one of the most important independent games this year, and might well end up being one of the best-loved games of the decade." I don't think it panned out quite that way, partially because indie games grew so larger and more mainstream than expected across the decade, but the IGF Grand Prize winner is still a cracking game. And Monaco 2 looks pretty.

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Humble Games have actually bought the rights to Monaco, they said in today's announcement, making this "the first new wholly owned title in the Humble Games portfolio". It's still made by Pocketwatch Games, mind, with Monacoman Andy Schatz still on as creative director.

"I want to make the ultimate heist simulator," Andy Schatz said during the Humble Games Showcase today. "I want to make a game that you can go back to and you can play it over and over again, and figure out new paths, and play it with your friends, case the joint, really figure out the best way to break into a place, and do it.

"They're 3D environments that really focus on verticality, and that verticality is going to lead to incredible amounts of player expression in terms of how they decided to tackle these missions. You're going to be able to scale the walls, or you're going to be able to tunnel underneath the bank vault, or rappel from the ceiling to hack the computer."

Pretty dioramas in an 'early visualisation' for Monaco 2.

Perhaps the most visible change is that the sequel apparently ditches the greyscale blueprint look of the original. The "early visualisations" Humble shared today look very nice; I'm excited to see the finished game. What's apparently the same is the core of plotting a heist and recovering from mistakes.

"The most important thing we do is we preserve that feeling of: being sneaky, and then some idiot breaks a wall, and everything goes batty," Schatz said. "We really do want this to feel like a heist. Maintaining the same emotional core of Monaco is really what we're going for."

No word yet on when Monaco 2 will hit PC, but it'll be on Steam at least.

For more on the Humble Games Showcase, see our roundup.

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