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Grab ace heist game Monaco for free today


Team, we have six hours to pull this job. Gav, you're running interference. Bev, you hack the cameras. Kev, you blow the door. Maeve, you're on the safe. If we do this right, we'll all saunter out of here in slow-motion carrying black holdalls filled with free copies of wonderful heist game Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine [official site] as our theme song blares and, just behind us, rozzers rush in to find the safe empty. But we've only got until 6pm today (10am Pacific). At 6, the alarm goes off, the security gates slam down, the floor is electrified, the dogs are unleashed, and we'll have to pay if we fancy a play.

Slam Steam then click that 'Install Game' button, and Monaco will be yours forever (no need to actually install it right now, but you do need to click that to register it to your account). You've until got until 6pm today, September 8th, to do that.

Released in 2013 by Pocketwatch Games, Monaco is a cooperative (or singleplayer) heist game in that grand heist movie style. You assemble a crack team of thieves with their own special skills, from the Lookout spotting people at a distance to the Mole tunneling through walls. Depending on the team you build, your heists could go in some very different directions - and go wrong in very different ways.

Our former Jim adored it. His Monaco review declared that it "might well end up being one of the best-loved games of the decade."

"It has a distinct flavour to it, in the way that the best games do. I can't define this feeling well enough to really articulate it, but there's a sort of psychic remainder that comes from games having enough of their own inertia to really define themselves. It's not a game that has borrowed from others, particularly. It is a not a game that leans on other games in the genre for its credibility. Monaco is the guy who is cool because he is himself, not because he does the things other people do really well."

Pocketwatch's next game, streamlined RTS Tooth and Tail, comes out on Tuesday. Check out Adam's Tooth and Tail preview for more on that.

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