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Still A Steal: Monaco Gets Huge Free Halloween Update

Zonaco: Your Flesh Is Mine

Delightful co-op heister Monaco is getting in the holiday spirit... of Christmas, for Halloween. The Jim-approved wonder has stolen from the, I guess, someone to give bounteous gifts to the poor/you, resulting in an update that will knock your socks off (or your entire Halloween costume, if you're going as gigantic sock). For one, there are zombies, because there are always zombies, but also the update's added an entire mini-campaign titled Monaco Origins that's rich with character-driven backstory. Details belooooooooooooooooow.

The Origins mini-campaign goes a little something like this:

"The Mini-Campaign is called Monaco Origins, and it tells the backstories of our eight naughty thieves. Each mission includes new features, such as key-doors, trophies, keys and cash that can be carried by NPCs, RPG Guards, and the new player class, the Blonde!"

Also included in the update are Linux support and Zonaco: Your Flesh Is Mine, which is the greatest name. It turns the game world into a "zombie wasteland" full of assorted nasties like Bloaters and Wretches. And then everyone lives happily ever after or something I guess.

The update's available right now, and again, it's entirely free. Go grab it, as a child would on Halloween night, eager hands fumbling through a candy bucket minefield for anything that's not Raisinets*.

*Disclaimer: I love Raisinets. Children are dumb.

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