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What's Yours Is Charity's: Humble Indie Bundle 11

Back to the basics

Another Humble Indie Bundle? What a strange turn of events. I thought for sure that Humble was going to suddenly and inexplicably shut down their massively successful enterprise this time around. I mean, they're on Humble Indie Bundle 11 now. What a gross number. Ten - nay, X - was so svelte, so confident. It plucked the olive from life's martini glass just so, and we all just wanted its gaze to fall on us for a single precious second. So seriously, what's even the point of having more Humble Bundles? Oh, right: amazing games and charity and stuff. This time around, the star-studded lineup includes Guacamelee, Monaco, Antichamber, and my personal favorite puzzler of 2013, The Swapper.

The full bundle is made up of Guacamelee, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, The Swapper, and - if you beat the average - Antichamber and Monaco. Soundtracks are also included and, as ever, probably expect more games to join before all is said and done.

Each game comes in Windows, Mac, and Linux flavors except Giana Sisters, which will be Windows-only until later this year. And of course, you can opt to allocate your money as you please, with charity mainstays Child's Play and Electronic Frontier sitting in for this one.

Honestly, every game included ranges from good to downright incredible (Swapper, Antichamber, and Monaco are my top picks), so if you don't have most of them, there's really no reason for hesitation. For reference, here's me on Swapper, Adam and Jim on Monaco, and me (again) on Antichamber. Oh, Guacamelee - which I still haven't played, regrettably - also sounds mighty fine, so peruse John's appraisal of that.

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