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Another Game Squeezes Into Minecraft: Quakecraft

I should do a series of gaming mashups, but I fear Minecraft would make up 90% of the content, with the occasional visitation from Garry's Mod. And I am far too lazy for such a thing. So instead of looking for them, I'll just amble through servers until something strikes me as worthy. And so I was ambling through the public space of Hypixel's server, which is actually a collection of servers tied together by a lobby, when I spotted a sign saying Quakecraft. I left the impressive lobby area, which is worth visiting even if you don't pass through to the other servers, and into the strange world of Minecraft deathmatch.

Minecraft servers are traversed by clicking on the signs you find in the world. They act as portals that you right-click to move through. In the Quakecraft lobby, as well as the little plaques acting as portals to each game server, they have the player count updating live on the sign. Little details like that blow my mind.

Quakecraft is one of my favourite mashups, because it's more than just a skin or a recreation. It's as much Quake as Minecraft will allow, with softer gravity to enable you to leap further, and additions like rail guns. Your movement speed is ramped up, fall damage is minimalised for all those action leaps, and everyone is better than me, so it clearly has hacks like an FPS game, too. There is a little bit of lag, but it seemed manageable. The server tracks kills, and there's a leaderboard in the Quakecraft lobby that displays the top three players across all the server on a podium. The more kills you earn will translate into gold to spend in the server's shop.

If it's not for you, Hypixel's world also has adventure maps, and other exciting additions to the Minecraft formula, but I spent most of my time being owned in Quakecraft.

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