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There Is Going To Be A TV Show About EVE Online

Brendan again. I’m still stranded in Iceland at the EVE Fanfest, where I’ve just been told (haha not really I’ve known all day EMBARGO) that EVE Online is getting the television series treatment. This is partly to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the spaceiest MMO in space but it is also something that has been pondered for a long time, according to developers CCP. But here’s the interesting thing: The plot of the series, we are told, will be based on EVE players’ own stories – all those tales of treachery, money and backstabbing that have accrued in the EVE universe so far. Stories that even EVE-skeptics find intriguing.

The only other thing we know so far is that the production is being spear-headed by a local team on Iceland and that it will be directed by Baltasar Kormákur, director of Contraband (it was a movie starring Mark Wahlberg. Have you seen it? What’s it like?) Kormákur is currently shooting an HBO series right now, so we can assume EVE on TV, or ‘TVE’ if we are to predict its title based on the studio’s recent terse nomenclature, is still hanging out in the pre-production phase. Chillin’.

During the requisite marketing spiel, CCP flashed up images of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, suggesting that the theme of the series could be POWER, or possibly SELLING SOME THINGS, or maybe even some amalgamation of the two. Of course, if it is going to be comparing itself to such shows, whether in tone or production value, it has obviously set itself some very tough acts to follow. So good luck.

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