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EVE Fanfest Brings World Of Darkness Updates

Space. It's cold and uninhabitable without profoundly advanced technologies that keep our frail human organs from staging a whizzbang prison break right out our eye holes. Vampires. They're all yucky and clammy and dead and stuff. Iceland. It's... um, actually quite pleasant in many areas, though occasionally a bit nippy. So I guess staging EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik kinda works, especially since the Internet tells me it's pretty dreary over there right now. I, sadly, am stuck in sunny, delightful San Francisco at the moment, but I do have some EVE and World of Darkness news for you. Specifically, WoD is slightly more existent than it was last year.

Massively brings word from the World of Darkness front, noting that the Vampire: The Masquerade MMO is still in pre-production, but now sports a staff of 70 developers. This year, they'll apparently be working on PVE, social tools, item creation, and clothing systems. Oh, but just to be clear, you probably won't be making clothes. "You're a powerful, immortal lord of the night," said CCP. "You don't want to stitch a shirt."

EVE Fanfest is still running, and Brendan is out there reporting on it for us, so probably expect to hear more about the future of CCP's utterly bonkers player-powered universe in the coming days. Happy hunting.

Or, er, political sabotaging, I guess. Whatever it is the kids are up to these days.

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