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Fly Me To The: Moon-Controlling Lune Looks Stunning

I've always wanted to play as the moon. Granted, it was more in the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask sense - cavorting about as this majestic, horrifying sky titan, crater-cracked teeth twinkling in my own glow as I gleefully END ALL CIVILIZATION MOON SMASH FLEE FAIRY ELF PEASANTS. Ahem. But Lune looks nice, too, albeit significantly more peaceful. Downright majestic, even. See, instead of crushing all puny ant apes in your path, you gently guide a single character via tides, reflecting light, and even tampering with gravity. Sounds interesting, right? I'm also quite keen on this bit: "We want to offer an experience based on awe and amazement." There's a trailer playing among the stars beyond the break.

Pretty, right? But also kind of confusing. Here, then, is what you'll actually be doing with each waggle of your craggy whims:

"Lune is a game of exploration and adventure about reflection and solitude where you can control the Moon, which implies influencing tides, reflecting light in various ways and modifying gravity. You overcome obstacles that are blocking your way in an abandoned tower on an island in the middle of an ocean. Use your capacity to manipulate water to flood rooms and free stairways. You can also trigger Moonset and walk in the shadows to avoid the unwavering stone Guardians. Your actions have a global impact on the whole environment of the island."

Further, the developers - who herald from French training and research institute ENJMIN - promise an emphasis on multiple pathways and puzzle solutions. In other words, THE MOON REFUSES TO BE CONSTRAINED BY SIMPLE HUMAN CONCEPTS OF LINEARITY. Well, at least until Activision runs out of ideas and greenlights Call of Duty: Moondern Warfare Moon Ops On The Moon 3 - Moonvengeance.

But yes, Lune looks quite nice, and I've already penciled its June 2013 release date in on my Things To Get All Squirmy And Weird About calendar. How about you?

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