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Once Morph, With Feeling: Dominique Pamplemousse

Like The Neverhood? Like Sam & Max? Like charmingly ropey singing? Then you'll have some sort of feeling about Dominique Pamplemousse, a point and click adventure game which I feel joyfully compelled to call Claymation Noir.

Dierdra Kiai's down-on-her-luck gumshoe use-thingy-on-thingy game is endearingly ramshackle, and while my time with the demo suggests meaty puzzles perhaps aren't in great supply, this is all about the plasticine and monochrome look. And the sudden outbreaks of exposition via Moldy Peaches-esque song.

You can play the demo in your browser here, but while it sets the scene and sings a song or two there isn't much to it. This trailer perhaps gives a better sense of what to expect from the adventures of the titular, perennially misspelled Dominque Pamplemousse.

Cover image for YouTube video

Not for everyone due to the unabashed silliness on show throughout, I'm sure, but it made me smile. And I only got three hours' of sleep* last night, so making me smile is a pretty tall order today.

The full game costs a mere £3.39/$4.99, and is available for PC, absurdly expensive PC and absurdly expensive telephone/absurdly oversized telephone-like device.

* For boring reasons, not boozy and/or sexy reasons :(

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