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One List To Rule Them All: IndieCade 2013 Nominees

According to my phone's GPS, Google Maps, a quick check of my immigration status (I am currently not being beaten nor threatened), and my own keen observations involving my fridge, I can confirm that I am not in Los Angeles. It means I can't be part of IndieCade 2013's glorious festival of games next month. As a treat, for all those not in that part of the world, they've released the list of games nominated for the award ceremony. It is lonnnnng and full of games. We might not be there in practice, but our spirits can at least get a few drinks in. A few PC highlights are below.

I'm very happy it reminded me of Cubehearts's Scale, a first-person game with this wonderful proposition: "Scale gives players a tool for uncovering the secrets and hidden beauty of everyday objects. Experience the impossible joy of growing and shrinking with a simple handheld device. Everything can be scaled: world, objects, creatures, and inhabitants. Discover secrets within secrets within secrets". Yes. When can I play this?

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Lovely space platformer thing Gravity Ghost, a game about the joy of being a ghost swooping around the gravitational pull of planets, is worthy of its place in this list. I have a build and it's delightful. It'll be out this year, hopefully.

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In the "I'm staring at it and still not believing it" category that I've just invented for this game, there's Dominique Pamplemousse. It's a stop-motion adventure game. A musical adventure game. With singing.

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And, of course, there is Nidhogg. There is always Nidhogg.

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