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It's Your Turn: TBT: The Black Tower

The turn-based Japanese-style RPG isn't dead on PC, it's just put down the controller and wandered off to buy a can of delicious 7up during one of the battles. One man who wants to pick that pad up again is Simon Mesnard (maker of similarly nomenclatured ASA: A Space Adventure), who is making an RPG like the console epics of old, called TBT: The Black Tower. Mesnard explains that they're a small team making lots of progress, but there's a long way to go: "We didn't show anything about the battle system yet, and we're working on it. I don't know when we will have something interesting to show, it could take months. However, I think we have a good idea with the 3 fighters + 3 supporters in the same battle, even if it wasn't that "new" for some people (because indeed, maybe that already exists in another RPG, I don't know them all !). What I can tell about the gameplay is that we will work hard on it in order to create a good battle system of our own, but based on classical turn-by-turn battles systems."

Nevertheless there's a non-battle gameplay video below, but also a bit of CGI stuff, just in case you thought this game was going to skip that glossy animation stuff because it was indie...

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