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The Evil Within Trailer Is Within

What do you keep your evil in, readers? Do you have demonic tupperware? Perhaps an armoire of awfulness? I have a drawer of despair that I open every now and then, just to make sure my pants are not being burned up next to my socks of suffering. Bethesda keep their new survival horror, The Evil Within, within the most evil box of all: IGN [Lightning, sound of booth babes screaming]. They have the 'exclusive' first look coming up next week, so all we're left with is a live-action trailer that shows us nothing of the game. Enjoy!

It was formerly known as "Zwei". You know, as in "Zwei are we letting only one website have a look at our game?" It is from Shinji Mikami, who made Resident Evil. Therefore I'm legally obliged to suggest he is some sort of aged relative to the entire genre.

[Clears throat]: "From an elderly neighbour of the survival horror genre, I present a trailer that has no game footage, and therefore adds no real knowledge to your understanding The Evil Within. It might resemble bits of the game, but that means they made the game then spent more money on recreating it, rather than just showing it to you. What's all that about?"

Watch on YouTube

I guess we'll find out next week.

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