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Bruce Begins, Conroy Ends: Arkham - Origins Gallery

We all love origin stories here at RPS. Who could forget Doom: Origins, in which it was revealed that Doom Guy's actual name was Wallace Burgerstance, a man born from the unholy union of a lady Archvile and a nervous sprite-faced man? And what better example of the form can there be than Half Life: Origins - who could have guessed that the G-Man was both Gordon's MIT post-grad professor and his brother from another dimension? Arkham: Origins may not tickle our fancy in the same way though because it is out of Rocksteady's steady hands, doesn't have Kevin Conroy's Batman voice and actually exists. Let's have less Origins and more Oranges. Loads of screenshots below.

It's Christmas Eve in Gotham, which confirms my theory that Batman is also Father Christmas and bat-stealths his way down chimneys to leave unconscious thugs in the pantry. As a sort of justice gift, you understand. He's essentially like the pet cat that keeps leaving dead things on your kitchen floor and expects some kind of reward.

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