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Thermal Batpants: Chilly Arkham Origins DLC's New Gadgets

Let’s kick some ice!

Look, Batman: Arkham Origins' developers would like very much to stamp out a few of the remaining bugs but they've been too busy working on the DLC story campaign and the important things it adds. Like a roasty-toasty new Batsuit for Bats and special heated Batgloves to keep his Batpaws warm on chilly evenings. They're worried about young Master Bruce. Aren't you too? You don't want an orphan to freeze to death just so you can play a video game, do you? You monster.

See, the 'Cold, Cold Heart' DLC adds a new mini-campaign starring Mr. Freeze and his icy tricks, which means Batchap gets a few warming gadgets to fight back. Come have a gander what Warner Bros. is sacrificing support for in a new video developer diary doodad with a fine display of Batbiffing.

Batman slips into a chunky new Extreme Environment suit, looking a bit like a World of Warcraft character. It comes with heated Batgloves that can thaw frozen civilians, warm Batarangs to knock icicles onto hapless goons, and punch men in the face to leave them oooh a little sweaty. Armed with these, he'll stop Freeze from doing whatever it is he's up to--something involving ice or his wife or both, no doubt--hopefully crack a few ice puns. You guys, I really do admire Batman & Robin.

Cold, Cold Heart is due on April 22. After that, maybe, just maybe, we'll see another patch.

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