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Bruce Wanes: Batman Arkham Series Finale Leaked, Has Car

And it's called Arkham Knight

Update: official trailer released, and below, right at the very bottom of the post.

First there was Batman: Arkham Macguyver, then there was Batman: Arkham A Bit Of City, then Batman: Arkham Oranges, and now there is Batman: Arkham Nighty-Night. Oh, alright, just Arkham Knight. But I'm only calling it that this once.

And it has a driveable Batmobile! Jeez guys, why'd it take you four games to come up with that idea? But all jolly exciting - a car, and Rocksteady back at the helm, should mean a mite more sense of advancement than the solid but rinse'n'repeaty Arkham Oranges. (Though hopefully the returning dev has learned a thing or two about thug dialogue.)

News of Batman: Arkham Nighty-Night cropped up on an unwise listing on GAME's website, promptly pulled, but the world's greatest detectives over at NeoGAF had inevitably spotted it and saved it for posterity.

It's billed as the 'finale' to the Arkham series, apparently features the Scarecrow as the big bad (though I won't be at all surprised if there's someone else ultimately pulling the strings), and the usual rogue's gallery. There'll be challenge maps starring Harley Quinn for pre-orderers/DLCers, ad yes, the Batmobile.

I would like to drive the Batmobile. There, I said it: I'm excited about pretending to drive a pretend car with big fins. I am thirty-five years old.



Here's some first look footage, too:

That car sure can jump.

Batman: Nighty-Night is due for release on PC and the more expensive consoles later this year, apparently. Also apparently, it, "offers gamers the ultimate and complete Batman experience as they tear through the streets and soar across the skyline of the entirety of Gotham City."

'Entirety' had better mean what it sounds like. And if it does: oooooh.

Update: an official trailer for you.

Bruce's dad has a surprisingly spooky voice, no? And also clearly expected to kick the bucket at a moment's notice. Perhaps I should write an ominous and over-earnest letter to my child, just in case.

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