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Jeff Strokes: Batman: Arkham Oranges Trailer

Seems a-peel-ing.

I think we can all agree that the only DLC the upcoming Batman: Arkham Oranges needs is an "Adam West Mode", where every punch is received with an awesome orchestral blare, where the goons go down with "POW!" and "KERBLOINK!" floating over their heads, and where Batman's disturbingly manly pecs are replaced with the flat, grey tube that was Batman's chest before he discovered nippled Kevlar. To me that's proper DLC: the sort of silly, experimental nonsense that developers should be attempting with those gaming buboes. Meanwhile, in the stupid real world where gritty and humourless is easier to sell than whimsy and delight, the first DLC will be the "Deathstroke Challenge Pack", and will focus on the hitting things. Trailer below.

The Deathstroke Challenge Pack will feature two challenge maps, including the 100 to 1 level you'll see in the trailer, and some skins. We're in the land of the pre-order bonus, but don't take this post as encouragement to do so. I'm only adding it because it's the first concentrated man-punching I've seen from the game, so it's strange they're showing it with a tertiary character and not Bats. That said, the action here is of a different timbre, with Jeff Stokes' staff slowing things down a tad. Is it me or does it make the fighting seem a bit less fluid than the liquid movements of the previous games?

This is out 25th October and they really need to license that engine to make a wresting game.

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