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The Bat And The Beautiful: Arkham Origins' PC Pretties

Batman: still just a man

I wonder if, back in the day, when Batman's creators were first putting ink to paper and bat to man, they thought to themselves, "OK, this is cool, but we won't be truly satisfied until we can add Nvidia PhysX, realistic fog effects, and DirectX 11 tessellation." I bet that's exactly where their minds drifted as they imagined a future of chrome jumpsuits, cities in the sky, and people with slug-like appendages instead of legs. And now, finally, their dreams have come true. Batman: Arkham Origins' PC utility belt is loaded with more bells and whistles than a Shiny Things And Loud Noises factory, and Gotham's looking quite spiffy as a result. By which I of course mean dingy, frigid, and crime-ridden. Also foggy. We cannot forget the fog. We can never forget the fog.

Details! The weather effects look neat, as does the new and improved ultra-flappy bat cape. And then, yeah, the presenter sure does like talking about those fog effects, doesn't he?

It all looks nice enough, I suppose, but I think I'll be fine with or without it. It is a bit weird that, say, people with AMD cards don't get any kind of fog (even non-physics-based), but there you go. Marketing partnerships, aren't they grand? At least PC gets the prettiest version in some fashion, I guess. Anyway, Batman. How do you like them apples Arkham Oranges?

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