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    1. Turbo Kid is a gory metroidvania with a BMX and a demo out now
    2. Night-Runners Prologue demo is a stylish throwback to PlayStation racing classics
    3. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has fallen short of expectations, its publisher says
    4. Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown is getting "free content and modes" in updates soon
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Feb 24)
    7. Wordle hint and answer #980 (February 24 2024)
    1. Age of Empires 4 follows up series’ best-selling expansion yet with new season and free-for-all mode in spring
    2. Age of Empires 2’s Definitive Edition is getting its first “campaign-focused” expansion next month
    3. Age of Mythology Retold, remastered Age of Empires spin-off, will be out this year
    4. Command & Conquer Remastered devs return to their 8-Bit RTS series with new sequel 9-Bit Armies
    5. Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree release date
    6. Skull And Bones review: an exceptionally boring live service shipping sim
    7. The next weird device to run Doom? Your lawnmower
    8. Helldivers 2 is the secret long-lost cousin of Metal Gear Solid 5
    9. Lil Guardsman review: a simpler, fantasy-fuelled take on Papers, Please
    10. I have so much respect for the honest simplicity of C.A.R.D.S RPG's game title
    11. Cosmic Express collides with Sokobond in new game puzzle Sokobond Express
    12. Graven is a novel mash-up of FPS, RPG and immersive sim, but only sort of works
    13. Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure is the debut game from former Braid, Carto and Ethereal devs
    14. In true early access style, Nightingale’s PC performance feels like a work in progress
    15. Shindo Life codes [February 2024]
    16. Out now in early access, The Tribe Must Survive is Frostpunk for people who love being afraid of the dark
    17. Nightingale to add offline mode "as soon as feasible", as devs say they "misjudged" player demand for it
    18. Some Elden Ring devs had "concerns" about its open world style, which the DLC will make "denser and richer"
    19. Sons Of The Forest 1.0 adds a new ending, proximity chat, creative mode, and Artifact answers
    20. Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes [February 2024]
    21. Anime Dimensions codes [February 2024]
    22. Bee Swarm Simulator codes [February 2024]
    23. Blox Fruits codes [February 2024]
    24. Get Intel's legendary Optane 905P 1.5TB SSD at a discount in the US
    25. This Steam Deck dock is down to £26, the cheapest we've ever seen it
    26. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Feb 23)
    27. Wordle hint and answer #979 (February 23 2024)
    1. Pick up Nvidia's RTX 4070 for $529.99 at Newegg in the US
    2. This refurb 4K 160Hz Mini LED monitor is $363.99 in the US
    3. Millennia, Paradox's 4X Civilization challenger, will release in March
    4. Riot's fighting game Project L finally gets a name, but not a good one
    5. Solium Infernum review: a fiendish strategy game best played with friends
    6. Little Devil Inside resurfaces with new trailer: "we're still here, have been and always will be"
    7. Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed brings Warren Spector's platformer to PC for the first time
    8. This week's GTA Online Podium Car
    9. Epic Games Store free games list: What's free right now?
    10. Helldivers 2 is now auto-kicking AFK players to help ease server woes
    11. Nightingale: How to get Stone Blocks
    12. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S3 episode 7: we lose it over PowerWash Simulator’s Warhammer 40K crossover
    13. Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn shows off its gunpowder pistols, axes and big hoofing kicks
    14. Sean Bean is finally returning to Hitman, for you to kill him again
    15. Sony are officially working on PC game support for the PS VR2 headset
    16. Nightingale: How to fix sprained ankle and broken leg
    17. Nightingale: How to recruit Survivors
    18. 2024's release schedule just got a lot brighter, starting with Pepper Grinder and Snufkin in March
    19. How to heal in Sons Of The Forest
    20. Sons Of The Forest 3D printer location
    21. Sons Of The Forest Rebreather
    22. How to get water in Sons Of The Forest
    23. Sons Of The Forest Modern Axe location
    24. How to get a flashlight in Sons Of The Forest
    25. Sons Of The Forest GPS locators
    26. Sons Of The Forest Stun Baton location
    27. Sons Of The Forest Pistol location
    28. Sons Of The Forest Shotgun location
    29. Sons Of The Forest Golden Armor location
    30. How to get Tech Armor in Sons Of The Forest
    31. Sons Of The Forest Katana location
    32. How to get the Firefighter Axe in Sons Of The Forest
    33. Sons Of The Forest Revolver location
    34. Sons Of The Forest Machete location
    35. Sons of the Forest Slingshot location
    36. Sons Of The Forest Stun Gun location
    37. Sons Of The Forest Compound Bow location
    38. Sons Of The Forest best base locations
    39. Sons Of The Forest Virginia clothes locations
    40. How to revive Virginia and Kelvin in Sons Of The Forest
    41. Sons of the Forest console commands
    42. How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest
    43. Sons of the Forest Shovel location
    44. Sons of the Forest multiplayer
    45. Sons of the Forest Hang Glider location
    46. Sons of the Forest Rope Gun location
    47. How to make a Tent in Sons Of The Forest
    48. You'll soon be able to play Sea Of Thieves with PlayStationeers, and Grounded with PlayPals and Switchers
    49. The joy of Cobalt Core's screen-wide walls of incoming death attacks
    50. Shin Megami Tensei 5 is finally coming to PC with newly expanded Vengeance edition
    51. All Star Tower Defense codes list [February 2024]
    52. Anime Fighters Simulator codes
    53. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Feb 22)
    54. Wordle hint and answer #978 (February 22 2024)
    1. What's better: characters making 'bdbdbdbdbdi' noises while talking in text or cosmetics unlocked by challenges?
    2. Prison Architect 2 release date delay sees its development sentence extended by over a month
    3. Bloodborne on PC somehow looks even less likely as director suggests we might be waiting for PS6 first
    4. Elden Ring DLC will have a fight that’s just as hard as Malenia - and a poison swamp too
    5. I don't hate generative AI, I just hate that it's "The Future"
    6. Monster Hunter Stories, series’ chirpy turn-based spin on Pokémon, gets its first PC release in a new remaster
    7. Nightingale: How to cook
    8. Nightingale: How to destroy and move structures
    9. Nightingale: How to fast travel
    10. Nightingale: How to play multiplayer
    11. Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree trailer confirms that Miquella is the star
    12. Last Epoch review: a vibrant time-travelling ARPG that makes percentage point stat increases fun
    13. Nightingale: How to get Essence
    14. Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree will release in June 2024
    15. RPS Game Club Asks: what do you think of Cobalt Core?
    16. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun stomps onto Game Pass soon
    17. New "What is Kemuri?" video reveals much more and yet nothing about the cool co-op action game
    18. Nightingale: Best starting biome
    19. Today's new games struggle because "evergreen" hits like Fortnite "pull players towards them at all times", says former BioWare GM
    20. Sons of the Forest keycard locations
    21. The first Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree trailer is hours away, as last February release date hopes fade
    22. Helldivers 2 patch fixes quickplay and crash bugs as Arrowhead work on AFK kick option and login rate limits
    23. Sons of the Forest Kelvin
    24. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Feb 21)
    25. Wordle hint and answer #977 (February 21 2024)
    1. Kingmakers mashes the medieval era with modern weapons and its trailer is a viral sensation
    2. Gigantic: Rampage Edition revives and expands the shuttered MOBA hero shooter
    3. Temtem: Swarm looks like an enticing mix of Vampire Survivors and Pokémon
    4. More than 500 games on Steam earned over $3 million in 2023
    5. This 32GB DDR5-6000 kit is just £64 at Amazon UK
    6. How to install the Epic Games Launcher on the Steam Deck
    7. RPS presents Steam Deck Academy: a grand repository of Steam Deck knowledge, made simple
    8. How to install and use Lutris on the Steam Deck
    9. This full-size mechanical keyboard is reduced to just £5
    10. Helldivers 2 updates could bring back the first game's sneaky teleporting Illuminate faction
    11. Pacific Drive review: the car's the star in this atmospheric yet unwieldy survival game
    12. How Nightingale will change during early access, including UI fixes, combat updates and new biomes
    13. Cobalt Core isn't just a great game, its soundtrack is also an all-timer
    14. WH40K: Rogue Trader's "first major update" is out, and everyone gets a free respec
    15. Last Epoch's 1.0 release patch arrives with a full offline mode, Warlocks and controller support
    16. Assassin's Creed: Mirage's new free permadeath mode deletes your save when you break the law
    17. Xenonauts 2 gets biggest update yet, adds new UFO, missions and weapons
    18. PowerWash Sim's Warhammer 40K crossover arrives next week, and the new trailer is very funny
    19. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Feb 20)
    20. Wordle hint and answer #976 (February 20 2024)
    1. Capcom apologise for 'not meeting expectations' with Street Fighter V, say “self-reflection” made SF6 better
    2. Huge Elden Ring mod The Convergence is basically a whole new game, the ideal way to pass time before its DLC
    3. That Crazy Taxi reboot will apparently be a “triple-A” game
    4. Please fill my eyes with the psychedelic insects of new shmup Nidus
    5. Helldivers 2 makes its “hardest” difficulties harder and its actual hardest mission easier as servers struggle
    6. Balatro review: only fools would sleep on this moreish poker roguelike
    7. Forget druids and mages, I'm making a beeline for Diablo rival Last Epoch's battle falcons, stat
    8. Deep Rock Galactic’s new prop hunt mode is cute, even if no-one will play it with me
    9. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Chugging along
    10. With the right settings, Helldivers 2 is ready for Steam Deck deployment
    11. Please, Touch The Artwork returns with a free, hour-long hidden object puzzler through art history
    12. Palworld Pal Fluids: How to get and where to find
    13. Palworld Pals list
    14. Enotria: The Last Song is a Soulslike inspired by Italian folklore where masks give you powers
    15. A mod that adds Fred Durst to Fallout: New Vegas, thought to be lost media, has been found
    16. Nightingale's magical, world-creating Realm cards could become a fullblown collectible card game
    17. Palworld map of recommended area levels
    18. Best Mining Pals in Palworld
    19. Best Lumbering Pals in Palworld
    20. Best Kindling Pals in Palworld
    21. The Maw - 19th-24th February 2024
    22. Bandle Tale: A League Of Legends Story review: a charming crafting RPG plagued by busywork
    23. Grab Intel's Core i5 12600K for just £167 all-in at Amazon UK
    24. This $10 Lenovo Legion XL mousepad is a great value
    25. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Feb 19)
    26. Wordle hint and answer #975 (February 19 2024)
    1. Blade Ball codes February 2024
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Feb 18)
    4. Wordle hint and answer #974 (February 18 2024)
    1. Suicide Squad devs say login and server issues are "not an easy nut to crack"
    2. Punishing platformer Jump King now has Workshop support and mod tools
    3. Spending on third-party games via the Epic Games Store fell 13% in 2023
    4. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands SHiFT codes
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. Wordle hint and answer #973 (February 17 2024)
    7. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Feb 17)
    1. Elden Ring publishers Bandai Namco cancel at least five games, target future “emphasis on quality”
    2. Metro Exodus is getting a sequel, shooter’s devs confirm - but only “when it’s ready” (hopefully before 2033)
    3. Palworld outlines anti-cheat measures as players struggle to connect to servers due to “fraudulent activities”
    4. Alan Wake 2 is Remedy’s fastest-selling game yet, shifting over 1.3m copies, but hasn’t made a penny of profit
    5. Palworld type chart: All element types explained
    6. If you're enjoying Cobalt Core, you should play Sunshine Heavy Industries
    7. Palworld breeding combos
    8. Baldur's Gate 3's latest patch improves smooching, idle animations, and a bazillion other things
    9. Hello Neighbor's creator is making a Home Alone-esque game that looks a lot like Hello Neighbor
    10. Skull and Bones’ PC performance is mostly smooth sailing, but do stow it on an SSD
    11. Streets Of Rogue 2's latest dev diary is a crash course in proc-gen map building
    12. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Feb 16)
    13. Wordle hint and answer #972 (February 16 2024)
    1. This refurbished 850W Corsair Shift PSU is £84 vs £150 new from Scan UK
    2. Logitech's excellent G915 TKL low-profile wireless mechanical gaming keyboard is 55% off at Amazon UK
    3. Diablo 4 is coming to Game Pass on March 28th
    4. Disco Elysium expansion reportedly cancelled, with a quarter of staff at risk of redundancy
    5. Payday 3 sales "significantly lower" than hoped, but Starbreeze focused on "long-term success"
    6. V Rising's 1.0 changes to PvP, endgame and armour detailed ahead of spring release
    7. No Man's Sky Omega update takes aim at new and lapsed players with free weekend and pirate dreadnought
    8. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S3 episode 6: Skull & Bones is finally about to come out
    9. Supernatural spaceship shooter Underspace shows admirable ambition in its Next Fest demo
    10. Can we use tracking tech for good? (aka: a game automatically knowing if I've forgotten the controls?)
    11. I'm not sure I'll ever leave the prologue area in Skull And Bones
    12. A Reddit user's ant-infested PC has destroyed my hopes for a real life Discworld computer
    13. Islands Of The Caliph is a colourful and cleverly condensed griddy RPG
    14. This Cobalt Core mod adds hapless frog Soggins to your crew for extra chaos
    15. Palworld's community manager reminds people impatient for updates that playing other games is fine
    16. Embracer have laid off 8% of their global workforce since their "restructuring" began
    17. Homeworld 3 studio Blackbird Interactive hit with layoffs
    18. Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered's modern controls are an absolute travesty
    19. Helldivers 2 will "never" get PvP because Arrowhead don't want a toxic community
    20. Tower Of Fantasy codes [February 2024]
    21. Dead By Daylight codes [February 2024]
    22. Wordle hint and answer #971 (February 15 2024)
    23. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Feb 15)
    1. The best value AMD gaming CPU is £25 off for Valentine's Day
    2. The RTX 4070 Super is already below RRP in the UK - £539 vs £579
    3. What's better: health pick-ups looking like cartoon hearts or Doomguy's pet rabbit, Daisy?
    4. The Sims 4 has added vitiligo in a free update
    5. Happy Valentine's, you can win a huge and official Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood dildo
    6. Ubisoft France workers celebrate Valentine's Day by striking against "badly balanced rewards systems"
    7. Helldivers 2's always-on friendly fire makes for excellent playground humour
    8. Granblue Fantasy: Relink review: a slick JRPG wedded to the rule of cool
    9. All Palworld Pal locations
    10. The Silent Hill 2 remake's combat trailer misrepresents the game, according to one of its own developers
    11. Fantasy extraction game Dungeonborne was February's most played Steam Next Fest demo
    12. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor early access review: pick of the bunch
    13. Will Nightingale's crafting card menus be its downfall?
    14. Helldivers 2 patch fixes crashes, disconnects and matchmaking bugs as devs aim to "beef up our content plans"
    15. Terra Memoria is a cheerful party-based RPG with a touch of Grandia
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Feb 14)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #970 (February 14 2024)
    1. Star Control 2 becomes Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters on Steam next week
    2. Microsoft Flight Simulator's free Dune expansion is available now
    3. Sons Of The Forest's horrible cannibals reach 1.0 next week
    4. Immortals Of Aveum cost $125 million and "no one bought it"
    5. The ROG Ally PC handheld is down to $599 in the US for the powerful Z1 Extreme 512GB model
    6. Take home AMD's best value high-end graphics card for $490 at Amazon US
    7. To The Star is a survival game based on Alice In Wonderland in which you can cook your dreams
    8. Palworld Ranch Drops guide
    9. Helldivers 2 review: a co-op shooter mixed with comedy genius
    10. New Discworld games possible if devs "come to us with the right ideas and the resources", says Rhianna Pratchett
    11. Off-grid caravan sim Outbound looks like a cute way to pretend I could live like that
    12. Best Palworld mods
    13. Typing dungeon crawler Cryptmaster's demo is a delight
    14. Palworld: Best base locations
    15. Play as a sheep with a Cloud Strife Buster sword in this fast and fluid action roguelike
    16. Game-making tool RPG Maker XP is free on Steam right now
    17. Helldivers 2 server and rewards patch released then rolled back to fix "significant" performance issues
    18. Ending Dead Cells updates is a "marketing stunt" to "leave room" for Windblown, claims former lead designer
    19. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Feb 13)
    20. Wordle hint and answer today #969 (February 13 2024)
    1. This 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD is just £50 at Amazon UK
    2. Grab the Asus ROG Ally w/ Z1 Extreme processor for just £539 after a 10% Very discount
    3. Helldivers 2 overtakes God of War and Spider-Man to become PlayStation’s biggest PC release to date
    4. Part-Divinity, part-Persona RPG The Thaumaturge gets a two-week delay to find some breathing room
    5. Final Fantasy devs’ Lost Hellden boasts 3D handpainted art and a mix of action and strategy in a gorgeous JRPG
    6. Elden Ring DLC might not release this month after all, as devs confirm there’s still no update “at this time”
    7. We all went to a magic wood with Nightingale boss Aaryn Flynn
    8. Palworld devs' next game is a base-building Dead Cells and Hollow Knight mash-up
    9. Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden review: an accomplished and emotional action adventure
    10. Watch this short film about breaking the limits of Red Dead Redemption 2's landscape, and feel joy
    11. After a few hours, Nightingale feels like one of the weirder Elder Scrolls RPGs
    12. Start a boring and stressful maintenance job in this former Arkane level designer's upcoming game
    13. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: A dashing wizard and a grasping church
    14. Heroes World codes [February 2024]
    15. Helldivers 2 updates target server and reward issues as Arrowhead apologise for rocky launch
    16. World Of Stands codes [February 2024]
    17. The Maw - 12th-17th February 2024
    18. Ultros review: a sweet and sour Metroidvania
    19. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, Feb 12)
    20. Wordle hint and answer #968 (February 12 2024)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Today's NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Feb 11)
    3. Wordle hint and answer #967 (February 11 2024)
    1. Steam's Remote Play Together Fest kicks off on Monday
    2. WitchHand is Stacklands but about leading and growing a coven
    3. Kojima says he decided to make Physint for Metal Gear fans after illness in 2020
    4. The Finals' latest patch makes progression faster, stops corpses exploding
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, Feb 10)
    7. Wordle hint and answer #966 (February 10 2024)
    1. All Rise channels Ace Attorney, Disco Elysium and Slay the Spire in a courtroom card battle to save the planet
    2. Ex-Fortnite devs' 'collaborative RPG' Project ORCS aims to let you make your own Baldur's Gate 3
    3. RuneScape makers Jagex are being bought by the multibillion sports giant behind Six Nations and LaLiga
    4. Pucker up for better kissing in “hefty” Baldur’s Gate 3 update next week
    5. If FF7 Remake is about saving the original from being an uncool 'dad game', what does that say about the modern day remake machine?
    6. How psychedelic gardenvania Ultros would have you "talk" to the aliens
    7. Dead Cells to receive its final update as devs move on to new "secret projects"
    8. Handcrafted "interactive music album" Asterism has a delightful Next Fest demo
    9. Palworld: How to get the Egg Incubator
    10. My eyes hurt from the extreme 90s CGI style of this Next Fest demo, and I couldn't be happier
    11. Whitethorn announce Slime Heroes, a Soulslike starring slimes, plus Botany Manor release date
    12. Palworld: How to get High Quality Oil
    13. Genshin Impact codes [February 2024]
    14. GTA 6's release date will come after April 2025, suggests Ubisoft's CEO
    15. What can grindy live service superhero games learn from One-Punch Man?
    16. Palworld: All admin server commands
    17. How to get Bones in Palworld
    18. Mullet Mad Jack is extremely my kind of unbridled FPS chaos
    19. Palworld: How to catch and breed Jetragon
    20. Best SSD for gaming: our top SATA and NVMe picks
    21. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, Feb 9)
    22. Wordle hint and answer #965 (February 9 2024)
    1. Against The Storm will get two more free updates before its first DLC
    2. Build for the future with this 1200W 80+ Platinum PSU for just $160
    3. This 12TB Seagate hard drive is just $81.99 and perfect for storing your media archives
    4. Helldivers 2 hotfix on the way to address crashes, matchmaking errors and "mixed" Steam reviews
    5. Subnautica 2 developers clarify it won't have a season pass or battle pass
    6. Assassin's Creed's feudal Japan sequel will arrive in the next 12 months
    7. Palworld: How to get Leather
    8. With 50 playable heroes, indie RPG Zoria: Age Of Shattering wants to "marry XCOM to Baldur's Gate"
    9. The Rally Point: Dusty survival builder New Cycle struggles for a coherent identity in a busy genre
    10. More survival games should adopt Infinite Craft's haphazard experimentation
    11. Pacific Drive's Next Fest demo has good mood but tedious survival scavenging
    12. Palworld: How to get Ancient Technology
    13. The Electronic Wireless Show S3 Episode 5: are relaxing games without goals games? Yeah, why not.
    14. All Lethal Company monsters
    15. Deus Ex voice actor Elias Toufexis bids goodbye to Adam Jensen and calls the games industry "a disaster zone"
    16. Art strategy game Inkulinati gets 1.0 launch in February, still an illuminated manuscript full of warring animals
    17. Palworld: How to get Wheat
    18. Disney buy $1.5 billion stake in Fortnite publisher Epic, announce new "games and entertainment universe"
    19. Skull And Bones is now in open beta, almost as if Ubisoft intend to finally release it
    20. Homeworld 3 delayed till May to incorporate player feedback to War Games demo
    21. This budget dual-fan CPU tower cooler is down to £15.90 at Amazon UK
    22. Elden Ring player creates 600-page illustration of his entire playthrough, inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2
    23. Lenovo's powerful Legion Go handheld is £50 off at Amazon UK
    24. Strategy game from hell Solium Infernum gets a week delay to February 22nd
    25. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, Feb 8)
    26. Wordle hint and answer #964 (February 8 2024)
    1. PlayStation’s creative game-making toybox Dreams apparently almost made it to PC, but now it’s dead
    2. Don’t expect a Final Fantasy 8 remake after FF7 Remake, director suggests - it’s simply too much work
    3. WWE, NBA and Lego 2K Drive developers reportedly hit by second wave of layoffs in less than six months
    4. What's better: instant-death bottomless pits, or being able to reroll your build?
    5. Paralives heats up the race to be the next Sims with early access release in 2025, confirms no paid DLC
    6. Avernum and Geneforge creator Jeff Vogel says "sustainability is tricky" - even when you're a bottom feeder
    7. Homeworld 3's new Steam demo has atmosphere, but I'm not sure about the controls
    8. Palworld: How to get Honey
    9. Palworld: How to get Cake
    10. How to get Coal in Palworld
    11. The best microSD cards for the Steam Deck
    12. Play piano, blag your book report, and navigate high school crushes in this gorgeous Philippines-inspired indie game
    13. Palworld: How to get Fiber
    14. All mounts in Palworld
    15. Counter-Strike 2 update brings back Arms Race, the bestest best FPS mode
    16. Exterminator is what you'd get if Aldi sold their equivalent of Armored Core
    17. DC's consummate humble wife guy may be coming to Suicide Squad
    18. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is gunning hard for Yakuza's mini-game crown
    19. Best graphics cards: the top gaming GPUs
    20. Palworld: How to get Sulfur
    21. Latest Palworld update stops Pals falling asleep forever while breeding
    22. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, Feb 7)
    23. Wordle hint and answer #963 (February 7 2024)
    1. Infinite Craft is a browser game in which you can craft anything, from God to Minecraft
    2. This AMD RX 7900 XT graphics card is just £699 - and it's a rare white OC model too
    3. Upgrade your PC handheld with this 256GB Micro SD card for £14
    4. Crusader Kings 3 is getting two new expansions in 2024, starting March
    5. Cyberpunk 2077 sequel taps Fable, Control and Dishonored expansion writer
    6. Helldivers 2 has human game masters who tweak your co-op fights in real-time
    7. Dusky Depths is an oddly relaxing name for a roguelite bullet hell about escaping a dead planet
    8. Skull And Bones is Ubisoft's "biggest open world" and cutting the campaign was vital, says former creative director
    9. My secret favourite game of 2023 is now on Game Pass
    10. This papercraft ghost story game is beautiful to just walk around in
    11. Nightingale: Everything we know
    12. Nightingale's early access launch is coming two days earlier than planned
    13. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League review: a looter shooter in need of rescuing
    14. Palworld on the Steam Deck is still Palworld, just uglier
    15. Palworld: How to set up a dedicated server
    16. Five years on, I still love the handmade models of undersea adventure Harold Halibut
    17. Life By You early access release date, gameplay and more
    18. Path of Exile 2 beta release date, trailers, and more
    19. Hades 2 release date, early access, trailer and more
    20. Assembling furniture is anything but "wholesome" in this fantastic Steam Next Fest demo
    21. Palworld: How to get Gunpowder
    22. Bore Blasters and its mix of Vampire Survivors meets Dome Keeper is, dare I say it, a blast
    23. Honkai Star Rail codes (February 2024)
    24. Shapez 2's Next Fest demo is the purest catnip for factory game lovers
    25. Fastest mounts in Palworld
    26. Elden Ring is getting a free-to-play mobile version with in-app purchases, according to reports
    27. #Drive Rally blends WRC seriousness with arcade cheer
    28. Echo Point Nova is an open world FPS with hoverboards, floating islands and sledgehammers
    29. Ultrafast shooter Tribes 3: Rivals gets a Steam Next Fest demo, is out in early access "soon"
    30. Wordle hint and answer #962 (February 6 2024)
    31. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, Feb 6)
    1. Great deal alert: $2500 58-inch Samsung monitor now $1800
    2. Intel's best value gaming CPU is down to £125 at Amazon UK
    3. Artificer's Tower is a magical tower defence game with just one, really big, tower
    4. Moonbreaker, Warhammer-like tactics game from Subnautica devs and Brandon Sanderson, exits early access
    5. If Inscryption was a fantasy-themed roguelike dungeon crawler, it might look a lot like this
    6. Roblox adds instant text translation using AI, plans to apply the tech to voice chat
    7. 15 Steam Next Fest demos you should play first this February
    8. A bunch of classic Yu-Gi-Oh! video games are headed to PC - and outside of Japan - for the first time
    9. Tarnished Blood is Darkest Dungeon meets Monster Hunter with a fancy timeline mechanic
    10. Palworld: How to get Pure Quartz
    11. This roguelike has you batter mutants with ricocheting footballs
    12. New Quake singleplayer map pack remixes multiplayer levels from Counter-Strike, Mario Kart, and more
    13. Respawn are "thinking about Titanfall a lot," even if it’s to serve Apex Legends
    14. 5 years of Apex Legends: how "surreal" success became a fight to stay fresh
    15. Apex Legends Season 20's skill trees see the battle royale take a surprising MOBA turn
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    17. Palworld: How to get Electric Organs
    18. Naughty Dog have a Last Of Us Part 3 "concept" and it's not the previously revealed "small story" about Tommy
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    21. The Maw - 5th-10th February 2024
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    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Wordle hint and answer #960 (February 4 2024)
    3. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, Feb 4)
    1. News Tower lets you manage a newspaper in 1930s New York, and there's a demo
    2. Final Factory is Factorio in space, with exploration and fleet combat
    3. Starfield is getting AMD FSR 3 support in beta sometime next week
    4. Palworld's servers have cost almost £400k/$500k to run so far
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. Wordle hint and answer #959 (February 3 2024)
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    1. Puzzle masterpiece Threes! is back to eat every moment of your spare time, this time on Steam Deck
    2. Lo-fi roguelite city-builder Tranquil Isle is a peaceful island getaway I can’t wait to take
    3. There won’t be a Persona 5 Royal-style expanded edition for Persona 3 Reload, Atlus promise
    4. Life By You's early access release gets another delay to June 4th
    5. After five years in early access, Satisfactory will finally launch into 1.0 later this year
    6. Death Stranding 2 plays its nonsense with a completely straight face, and I absolutely love it
    7. Pepper Grinder's Steam Next Fest demo is 15 minutes of pure joy
    8. First Cut: Samurai Duel is a beautiful bloody ballet
    9. Citizen Sleeper 2 still has "around a year of development left", likely coming in 2025
    10. Devolver cutting 28 jobs at Showgunners studio Artificer
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    1. Get our favourite 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for just £130
    2. The legendary Ryzen 7 5800X3D is back down to £234 at AWD-IT in the UK
    3. Palworld's skin-deep Pokémon parody is part of a bigger horror story
    4. Watch out Prince Of Persia, there's another platforming-packed Metroidvania coming to steal your crown
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    6. Alan Wake 2's latest patch adds a kind of jump scare intensity option
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    31. Team Ninja's Rise of the Ronin blends Nioh's combat with Assassin's Creed-style exploration
    32. Metro Awakening brings the post-apocalyptic shooter series to VR
    33. Until Dawn remaster confirmed for PC, “rebuilt and enhanced” former PS4 exclusive out later this year