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How to befriend Virginia in Sons Of The Forest

Learn how to befriend Virginia in Sons Of The Forest and reach max sentiment with her

Want to know how to get Virginia in Sons Of The Forest? Virginia is a friendly mutant in Sons Of The Forest that can be recruited to help look after your base. With the game releasing post-early access, now is a great time to get stuck into the game and charm the shy island inhabitant.

Although she has many uses, including the ability to wield both the Pistol and Shotgun, she will take some time to trust you first.

Below we've gone through all the key steps to get Virginia in Sons Of The Forest as a companion, where to find and how to spawn her into the game and the key benefits to having the three-legged mutant at your base.

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How to befriend Virginia in Sons Of The Forest

Not only is Virginia a handy companion to recruit in Sons Of The Forest, but you can also get an achievement called 'Chivalry Is Not Dead' for reaching maximum sentiment with her. To do so, you must fulfil the following actions when she's nearby:

  • Press "G" to holster any items in your hands.
  • Calmly continue with any tasks without approaching her or holding a weapon.
  • Light any fires that she approaches around your base. She occasionally likes to sit by these.
  • Watch Virginia as she dances.
  • Revive her if she gets attacked by enemies.
  • Do not do anything that could be deemed aggressive.
  • Don't chase her!

If you follow the above steps, Virginia will start to trust you and even hang out at your base. There's also an achievement called 'Keep Your Friends Close' that requires you to finish the main campaign with both Kelvin and Virginia alive. As such, make sure you check out our guide on how to revive companions to keep them safe on your journeys.

Where to find Virginia in Sons Of The Forest

Screenshot of Virginia in Sons of the Forest
Virginia, having a dance in the game | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

Virginia can spawn at random, any time. We had good luck meeting her on our very first day on the beach, however, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the bathing suit-clad mutant. She's fairly easy to spot as she'll follow you and sometimes start dancing with her three arms and legs.

If you try to approach her she will get scared and run away, so make sure you follow the steps above to befriend her. If you have already attacked Virginia and are worried that she might not come back, you can relax. As long as she's still alive, Virginia should eventually return to try again.

Once you reach the point of friendship where you have the prompt to give her items, make sure you give her a GPS Locator as this will allow you to follow her whereabouts on the map afterwards. You'll also receive an achivement for doing so, aptly called 'Every Move You Make'.

Virginia console commands

Alternatively, there are a few console commands you can use to spawn Virginia right to you and speed the whole process along. We have a guide on all Sons Of The Forest console commands, but in essence, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. Enter "cheatstick" via your keyboard once you have loaded into the game.
  2. Press F1.
  3. Type "Virginia" to see the associated Virginia console commands.

We recommend using the virginiavisit command which will spawn Virginia to your location, allowing you to start the process of befriending her much quicker. You can also use the addvirginia code to spawn an additional Virginia to your game. Meaning, you could potentially have an army of friendly mutants at your disposal.

Benefits to befriending Virginia in Sons Of The Forest

Screenshot of Virginia in Sons of the Forest
Virginia, after we used console commands to spawn her into the game | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

As a multi-limbed mutant, Virginia can wield both the Pistol and Shotgun at the same time, providing a formidable guard for your base against any wayward cannibals.

As per our above suggestion, it's imperative that you give Virginia a GPS Locator as she will wander from camp and occasionally lead you towards nearby caves and encampments with loot. You'll know when she's gearing up to do this as she'll gesture for you to follow her before wandering and then crouching whilst pointing to the area she wants you to loot.

Finally, Virginia will often approach you with gifts in the form of berries, flowers and other materials. If during your adventures, you're tired of seeing her in the same sad bathing suit, there are a bunch of clothing items in the game that she can wear. To change Virginia's clothes, see our full guide.

That wraps up our guide on how to befriend Virginia in Sons Of The Forest. To find any other items or locations on the island, take a look at our interactive Sons Of The Forest map or see our full Keycard locations guide and gain access to all the important game areas.

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