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Sons Of The Forest Rebreather: How to get the Rebreather

Learn how to get the Rebreather oxygen mask in Sons Of The Forest

A bird lands on a corpse, which is impaled on a pole by the sea in Sons of the Forest.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

Looking for the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest? Sons Of The Forest has a huge map to explore, but you can't see all of it without the Rebreather. The Rebreather allows you to dive underwater and explore without drowning, and it's key to finding some of the more important items, such as the Shovel.

If you're thinking of jumping into Sons Of The Forest now that it's left early access, but are struggling to find the game's oxygen mask, then we're here to help. We'll break down how to get the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest, showing the location on the map and explaining how to find it once you arrive.

In this guide:

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How to get the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest

The Rebreather is found in a cave system on the North side of the Sons Of The Forest map, on the beach. Head to the North-West side of the beach and follow the coast along until you find some yellow barrels strewn on the floor. Nearby, you'll find the sealed entrance, which you can break open using a weapon.

A player stands by a cave entrance with their GPS out in Sons of the Forest.
You'll have to head into a cave system to get the Rebreather. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

After entering the cave, hit the "L" key to bring up your lighter. Of course, you can also find the flashlight, if you'd prefer a brighter source of light. Then, start making your way forward through the cave. It's fairly linear here, so continue ahead until you see a light.

Head over to the light and crouch to continue forward. Make your way through the slightly lower passage until you find a path that leads down into some water. Ahead, you'll see some mutants wandering around near another light source.

Defeat the mutants using strong weapons, such as the stun baton or pistol, (or sneak past) and then turn left and continue ahead into the darkness. You'll spot some lifejackets on the ground, but keep going and turn right when you can. The path continues forward until you enter a fairly large chamber, where you'll spot another light source ahead.

Walk around the edge of the water and over to the light source to find the Rebreather on the ground. The Rebreather will equip automatically, as you'll see if you jump into the nearby water. When in use, the Oxygen meter will become visible on-screen, indicating how much you have left in your tank.

You'll need Oxygen tanks to use the Rebreather, and it doesn't seem like you can craft them. That means you'll need to use the limited supply around the map, so use the Rebreather sparingly.

How to get out of the Rebreather cave in Sons Of The Forest

After finding the Rebreather, you need to dive into the nearby pool of water to escape back into the wilderness. However, be careful about jumping right in, as there is a hostile shark swimming around.

To escape safely, you'll need to use a weapon, such as the aforementioned pistol or a knife, to kill the shark. Then, you can head into the pool and swim down to find an underwater passage. Follow the tunnel through until you resurface in the ocean, just a short swim away from the beach.

That wraps up our guide on how to get the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest. Before you venture off to the shovel, make sure to also get the Rope Gun in Sons Of The Forest. There are also plenty of other tools that you should gather to make island life easier, such as the Modern Axe, the Shotgun, and the Sled. If you want some help on your adventure, you can also learn how to get Virginia in Sons Of The Forest if you want a formidable fighting partner, or learn more about your best pal Kelvin.

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