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How to get the Stun Baton in Sons Of The Forest

Follow this guide to get your hands on one of the strongest early weapons in Sons Of The Forest

Where can you find the Stun Baton in Sons Of The Forest? The Stun Baton is one of the strongest and most useful early tools in Sons Of The Forest, and represents a step up from the basic weapons you've been using previously thanks to its powerful shock attack. This attack can leave even powerful mutants reeling, so you should seek this weapon out as early as possible before the stronger enemies start assaulting your base.

Read on to learn the exact location of the Stun Baton in Sons Of The Forest. We'll go over how to use the Stun Baton effectively, and how to keep it topped up with charge so its effectiveness doesn't leave you in a moment of need.

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How to get the Stun Baton in Sons Of The Forest

Unlike many other early tools in Sons Of The Forest such as the Rebreather and the Shovel, the Stun Baton is incredibly easy to get your hands on if you know where to look. To get the Stun Baton early on, head to this location on the map:

Three side by side screenshots of the GPS in Sons Of The Forest, showing the location of the Stun Baton at various zoom levels.

The Stun Baton is only a few metres from the entrance to the cave system which contains the Rope Gun. Follow the sounds of water and you'll reach a small waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is a pile of skulls, and sticking out of the pile is the Stun Baton. Walk up to it and hit the interact button to pick it up. After that you can equip it in your inventory whenever you like.

The Stun Baton's presence here was not by accident - it's a warning that you may need this weapon in order to deal with some of the more dangerous mutants which reside in the nearby cave. So it's a good idea to spend a little time getting used to how the Stun Baton works.

The Stun Baton is a very powerful early weapon, thanks to its ability to deliver a powerful paralysing shock to enemies. To do this, hold down left-click and your character will thrust the Stun Baton forward, activating its stun attack. This stun is powerful enough even to incapacitate strong mutants and cannibals - but the effect is temporary. You should act fast after stunning your foe, either moving swiftly before they recover, or switching to a more damaging weapon such as the Modern Axe to finish them off while they're on the ground.

The player in Sons Of The Forest activates their Stun Baton to deliver a shock in a darkened cave.

Be aware that the Stun Baton operates on batteries, just like the Flashlight. You can see its current charge level by looking down at the Stun Baton's handle. Once it runs out of battery you won't be able to use the stun attack, so you should keep it topped up by combining the Stun Baton with a battery in your inventory crafting area.

That's everything you need to know in order to lay your hands on the Stun Baton in Sons Of The Forest and give yourself a powerful defence against stronger enemy types. If you want some extra help defending your base, then make sure you learn how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest. You should also be aware of basics such as how to heal and how to save in case things go awry.

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