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How to save in Sons Of The Forest

Here's how to save your progress in Sons Of The Forest

How do you save your game in Sons Of The Forest? You'll know this if you played the original game, but players who are entirely new to Sons Of The Forest may be surprised to hear that there's no autosave feature. If you don't want to lose all your progress when you quit or die, then you'll need to save your game manually - but you can't do it from the pause menu.

Below we'll explain how to save in Sons Of The Forest so you can reload from a certain point if you die, or carry on your game in another session after shutting Sons Of The Forest down (if you can bring yourself to do so).

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How to save in Sons Of The Forest

To save in Sons Of The Forest, you need to construct a place to sleep, such as the Tent Shelter. The Tent Shelter is the easiest and earliest way to save your game - all you need is one Tarp, and one Stick.

Equip your Tarp and find a flat area of ground to place the Tarp down with left-click. Then look at one of the corners of the tarp and left-click to place a Stick under it. Voila! You have a Tent Shelter.

Now you can interact with the Tent Shelter to save your game progress, or to sleep to pass the time. This way, if you quit or die, you can choose to resume your progress from the moment of your last save just outside your Tent Shelter.

The player interacts with a Stick Bed in the corner of their house in Sons Of The Forest.
A Stick Bed is another way to save your progress in Sons Of The Forest.

There are other structures that can save your progress in Sons Of The Forest as well. The next one you're likely to build is the Stick Bed - a structure you can find in your Book (switch book modes to the left-handed section and you'll find the Stick Bed under "Furniture"). The Stick Bed is crafted out of 16 Sticks and 1 Scotch Tape. Unlike the Tent Shelter, you must first place it down as a ghost-like template, and then fill the template with the required resources to build it. After this, you can interact with the Stick Bed to rest and save your progress just as you would with a Tent Shelter.

Make sure you save often, particularly if you're a new player, because Sons Of The Forest is a very challenging and punishing game. It's a good idea to keep a Tarp and a Stick with you at least when you're on an adventure, just so you can quickly place down a Tent Shelter to save before things get really dangerous.

That's all you need to know in order to save your game in Sons Of The Forest! If you're a new player struggling to survive your first few days, you may also want to check out our guide on how to get water in Sons Of The Forest.

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