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How to use GPS locators in Sons Of The Forest

Learn how to use trackers in Sons Of The Forest

A player wondering through the woods while holding a GPS in Sons Of The Forest. Another player walks ahead in the woods.
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Want to know how to use GPS locators in Sons Of The Forest? GPS locators are initally labelled with purple markers in Sons Of The Forest. When you reach these pings, however, you can pick up the GPS locators and use them to mark whatever you want across the map. Unfortunately, these trackers are a little tricky to use, so we're here to explain how GPS locators work.

We'll break down how to get and use GPS locators in Sons Of The Forest, which is now out of early access, so that you can keep track of the things that are most important to you.

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How to get GPS locators in Sons Of The Forest

There are three GPS locators in Sons Of The Forest, displayed with purple markers on the map. To find them all, zoom out on our interactive Sons Of The Forest map below:

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Each one is found on a corpse at the marked locations.

The one in the ocean is found on a small dingy raft, and you'll also find the Pistol nearby.

The one located nearer to the mountain is hung from a cliff ledge, and cutting it down will also let you get the Flashlight.

The final one, on the North side of the island, is buried underground, so you'll need to dig it up with the shovel. You'll also find the Shotgun buried in the same location.

How to use GPS locators in Sons Of The Forest

After picking them up, the GPS trackers will get added to your inventory, from which you can equip them in your hand.

While holding a GPS tracker, left-click to cycle through various icons, which will change how it looks on the map.

A player stares down at a GPS locator in Sons Of The Forest.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

The best use for a GPS tracker right now is to give one to Virginia, the three-legged woman that you can recruit as a companion. Unlike Kelvin, Virginia does not have a tracker by default, so you'll need to give her one to find her easily.

To give Virginia a tracker, befriend her and then interact with her to open up her inventory. You can give her weapons from this screen, such as the pistol or the shotgun, but you can also hand her a GPS tracker to mark her on the map.

Sons Of The Forest player stares at a GPS locator on a stick.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

If you're looking to mark a specific location with the GPS, you can also place it on the ground to act as a beacon. To do this, you must do the following:

  1. Equip a stick from the bottom-right corner of your inventory.
  2. While holding the stick, right-click on your mouse.
  3. Place the stick vertically on the ground.
  4. Equip the GPS locator from the orange crate in your inventory.
  5. Place the GPS locator on top of the stick.

This will make the GPS locator appear stationary on the map, which can prove useful if you want to remember how to find specific areas. You could put a GPS near cannibal camps that you want to avoid in the future, for example, or at potential base locations that you'd like to revisit later.

That wraps up our guide on how to use the GPS locators in Sons Of The Forest. If this takes longer than expected and it's suddenly getting close to night, check out our guides on how to make a tent and how to start a fire in Sons Of The Forest. When you're ready to make a proper base, learn how to get the modern axe in Sons Of The Forest to cut down trees faster. Since you'll need to get the shovel for a GPS tracker, you're now also ready to get the keycards in Sons Of The Forest. Alternatively, if you're looking for a few shortcuts check out our list of Sons Of The Forest console commands to find out about the game's many cheats.

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