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Sons Of The Forest purple markers: How to find Team B

Here's what to do at each purple marker in Sons Of The Forest

What do you do at each of the purple markers in Sons Of The Forest? When you first start playing Sons Of The Forest, you may check your GPS map and be a little confused by all the icons surrounding your location. Some icons, like cave entrances, are self-explanatory. But what about those purple markers? What do they mean, and what are you meant to do when you get there?

As it turns out, these purple markers are very important locations for any new player, and in this guide we'll walk you through exactly what to do at each of these locations in order to complete your first major quest and find Team B.

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What are the purple markers in Sons Of The Forest?

The purple markers in Sons Of The Forest mark the locations of Team B, and the first story quest of the game. When you start a new game in Sons Of The Forest, once you wake up after crashing on the island a popup will appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen, prompting you to find Team B. This team is comprised of three soldiers, and you can track their locations because each of them is wearing a GPS locator - marked on the map by those purple markers.

To find Team B, you need to travel to each of these purple marker locations and complete various objectives there. You'll know once you've completed the objective because you'll get another popup in the bottom-left updating the quest progress, and the purple marker will disappear from your GPS.

Find Team B: What to do at each purple marker

A close-up of the GPS map in Sons Of The Forest, with the three purple markers highlighted and ordered.
Here's our recommended order for dealing with the purple markers.

You can go to each purple marker in Sons Of The Forest in any order you like, but one of them requires you to have specialist gear so we'd recommend going there last. Above is our recommended order for finding Team B, and bnelow we'll explain what to do at each of the purple markers:

Purple marker #1: Corpse hanging on a cliffside

The player in Sons Of The Forest approaches a cliff with a corpse hanging down the cliffside. The corpse is highlighted with a yellow circle.

Once you reach the first purple marker, you'll see a dead soldier hanging from a rope on the side of a cliff. On the ground below them are a couple of vodka bottles that you can pick up. After that head round the right-hand side of the cliff until you can climb up to the top.

Once you're on top of the cliff you'll find that the rope holding the corpse up is tied to a rock in the ground. Loot anything near the rock, and then use your axe to chop the rope, sending the soldier down to the ground.

Head back down to the corpse and loot it to pick up the GPS locator and a Flashlight.

Purple marker #2: Corpse in the sea

A corpse on a lifeboat in Sons Of The Forest.

The second purple marker may seem easy, but you do have to be wary of sharks. Here you need to swim out towards the red lifeboat on which the corpse is lying, and use the ladder to climb up into the lifeboat. Loot the soldier, and you'll find another GPS locator and a Pistol - your very first firearm.

The only issue is that the lifeboat is surrounded by two sharks, so you should be quick and careful while you're swimming up to and away from the boat. You need to be quite close to a shark in order to provoke them to attack, so as long as you keep your distance you should be fine.

Purple marker #3: Corpse buried in the ground

The player in Sons Of The Forest loots some cloth off a grave cross.

Before you reach the third purple marker, you'll need to have obtained the Shovel in Sons Of The Forest. And to obtain the Shovel you need to have picked up the Rebreather and the Rope Gun, which means you're likely to come to this final purple marker quite a bit later on than the others.

Once you're at the exact point of the purple marker (we'd recommend using the middle mouse button to zoom the GPS map in to help with this), you'll find a cross in the ground denoting a buried body. Loot the cloth from the cross, and then equip your Shovel.

Look down in front of the cross, and a shovel icon will appear, prompting you to dig. Left-click to start digging, and you'll quickly find the dead soldier buried inside a wooden casket. Loot the corpse, and you'll find the last GPS locator, as well as a Shotgun.

That's everything you need to do at each of the purple markers in Sons Of The Forest. Sadly you couldn't rescue anyone in Team B, but at least you got some very useful equipment from the quest! Now that you have access to firearms, it's a good idea to learn how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest, because her ability to dual-wield firearms makes her a powerful force against your enemies. You can also check out our other guides on finding specific items such as the Stun Baton, the Modern Axe, the Sled, Keycards, and more.

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