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How to get Leather in Palworld

Here's how to get Leather in Palworld

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Want to know how to get Leather in Palworld? Leather is an important material in Palworld, needed to make armor, saddles for Pal mounts and more. As such, it's worthwhile knowing where the best Leather farming spots are and how to get it ahead of time.

Below, we've outlined the best ways to get Leather with a full list of all Pals that drop it when defeated or caught. We've also included a list of crafting recipes that require Leather to make and more.

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Which Pals drop Leather in Palworld?

These are the Pals we've found thus far who have a chance to drop Leather if you either defeat or catch them. We've included a location where each of the Pals may spawn on the map. Check out our interactive map for more points of interest like Lifmunk Effigies, Waypoints, Dungeon locations and more. Additionally, for more thorough Pal locations, see our Palworld Pal locations guide.

Pal Location
Chillet Fort Ruins
Direhowl Ravine Entrance
Eikthyrdeer Grassy Behemoth Hills
Eikthyrdeer Terra No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary
Fenglope Ascetic Falls
Foxparks Grassy Behemoth Hills
Fuack Ravine Entrance
Fuddler Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant
Galeclaw Ancient Ritual Site
Gorirat Sealed Realm of the Guardian
Grizzbolt No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary
Incineram Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance
Incineram Noct No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary
Katress Sealed Realm of the Guardian
Mammorest Plateau of Beginnings
Mammorest Cryst Unthawable Lake
Melpaca Grassy Behemoth Hills
Mossanda Sealed Realm of the Swift
Mossanda Lux Eastern Wind Island
Nox Small Settlement
Nitewing Grassy Behemoth Hills
Pyrin Ruined Fortress City
Pyrin Noct Ruined Fortress City
Reindrix Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance
Ribunny Ascetic Falls
Rooby Natural Bridge
Rushoar Small Settlement
Tombat Fort Ruins
Univolt Deep Bamboo Thicket
Verdash No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary
Vixy Desolate Church

Remember, as long as you encounter a Pal in the wild, they'll be entered into your Paldeck. You can then check the habitat of that Pal to see where you can find them on the Palworld map. If you actually defeat a Pal, detailed info - including a list of its possible drops - will also appear.

How to farm Leather in Palworld

If you want to start farming Leather as quickly as possible, there are a few Pals you'll want to hunt as soon as you've built your main base.

Palworld Screenshot of a Foxparks Pal
Image of a Foxparks Pal, a great source of Leather and Flame Organs | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

Foxparks and Melpacas both drop Leather and are close to your starting zone. Head over to the Grassy Behemoth Hills, which are just to the northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings.

While Melpacas are a little rarer to come across, you're sure to sight more than a few Foxparks the first time you run through these hills, so get started farming them to acquire some Leather drops fast. Even better, capture both a Melpacas and a Foxpark with a Pal Sphere and get these new friends to fight for you on your Leather-gathering quest.

Foxparks will additionally drop Flame Organs when defeated, which are required to make many important crafting recipes in the game like Fire arrows, Heat Resistant Armor and various saddles for Pal mounts. As such, farming Foxparks is the best way to get both Leather and Flame Organs early on in the game.

If you're in a pinch and need more Leather quickly, then you can always purchase some in the Small Settlement, which is the closest area to your starting location with shops. Head west of the Plauteau of Beginnings and you'll find the Small Settlement in an arid biome along with a Fast Travel point. Once there, you can speak with the Wandering Merchant to purchase Leather, along with other useful goods like Red Berries and Wheat. Keep in mind that you'll need 150 Gold Coins to make a purchase. You can occasionally find Gold Coins in chests scattered around the world, and from defeating other Pals, such as Direhowls.

A map showing the Small Settlement in Palworld.
Map location of the Small Settlement in Palworld | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

While you're in the Small Settlement, you may also want to search the surrounding area for the warthog-esque Rushoar. These Pals hang out in the vicinity and are aggressive - you'll know when you've run into one, since Palworld's battle music will kick in as these hogs use their Reckless Charge ability to attempt to knock you over. Farm them for some more Leather, and be sure to capture one while you're at it.

All Leather crafting recipes in Palworld

Below, we've gathered a list of crafting recipes in Palworld that require Leather to make. We've done the same for other important crafting materials like Pal Fluids and Coal so, be sure to check those out too if you want to make the best base and best weapons in the game.

The main purpose of Leather in Palworld is to craft armor and saddles for rideable Pals. Armor is important not only for portection in combat, but various armor will also provide buffs against cold and hot weather. Along with the technology recipes listed above, there are a total of 65 saddles and harnesses in Palworld that require Leather to craft. This means if you want to unlock the best Partner Skills in the game and the fastest mounts you'll need a healthy supply of Leather on hand.

Recipe Level required Materials needed
Small Feed Bag Ancient Technology Level 10 Wood x5
Fiber x10
Leather x3
Pelt Armor Level 12 Leather x10
Heat Resistant Pelt Armor Level 16 Leather x15
Flame Organ x4
Cold Resistant Pelt Armor Level 18 Leather x15
Ice Organ
Average Feed Bag Ancient Technology Level 20 Wood x10
Fiber x30
Leather x10
Metal Armor Level 23 Ingot x30
Leather x10
Cloth x5
Heat Resistant Metal Armor Level 25 Ingot x40
Leather x13
Cloth x8
Flame Organ x8
Large Feed Bag Ancient Technology Level 26 Wood x20
Fiber x50
Leather x20
Cold Resistant Metal Armor Level 27 Ingot x40
Leather x13
Cloth x8
Ice Organ x8
Huge Feed Bag Ancient Technology Level 35 Wood x30
Fiber x90
Leather x35
Carbon Fiber x10
Refined Metal Armor Level 37 Refined Ingot x30
Leather x15
High Quality Cloth x2
Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor Level 40 Refined Ingot x40
Leather x20
High Quality Cloth x3
Flame Organ x12
Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor Level 41 Refined Ingot x40
Leather x20
High Quality Cloth x3
Ice Organ x12
Giant Feed Bag Ancient Technology Level 45 Wood x50
Fiber x200
Leather x50
Carbon Fiber x20
Pal Metal Armor Level 46 Pal Metal Ingot x20
Leather x20
High Quality Cloth x4
Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor Level 46 Pal Metal Ingot x30
Leather x30
High Quality Cloth x6
Flame Organ x16
Cold Restant Pal Metal Armor Level 50 Pal Metal Ingot x30
Leather x30
High Quality Cloth x6
Ice Organ x16

And that's it for getting Leather in Palworld. If you're interested in a more comprehensive rundown on all of the cuddly creatures available for capture, then check out our guide to the best Pals in Palworld and how to catch them. We also have a list of the Best starter Pals and a selection of Palworld tips and tricks to help you thrive on your monster catching and survival adventure.

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