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How to get the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest

Learn where to find the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest image showing a player reloading the Revolver while aiming at the sky.
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Looking for the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest? Sons Of The Forest has plenty of enemies to fight and, while they aren't quite zombies, sometimes you still want to feel cool like Rick Grimes and start blasting a Revolver. If the Revolver is what you need to relax a little more on this cannibal-infested island, then you're in the right place.

We'll break down how to get the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest, which has officially left early access with the release of update 1.0. We'll include the exact location for the Revolver on our map below, and list any items that you'll need to find beforehand.

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How to get the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest

To get the Revolver, you must go to the location marked in the image below. It's found in the North-East corner of the map, and you'll see a green ping appear on the map as you approach.

Before you get the Revolver, though, you'll need to get the Shovel as it's found underground, which you access via a maintenance hatch buried beneath the dirt. To get the Shovel, you'll need to bring the Rope Gun and the Rebreather, as you can't fully explore the necessary cave without them.

Sons Of The Forest map denoting the location of the Revolver.
Here's the Revolver's exact map location in Sons Of The Forest. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

With the above items in hand, make your way to the green ping and look for a golf caddy. Directly in front of the caddy, there's a patch of dirt that you can dig to uncover Maintenance Hatch C. Keep digging until you can interact with the hatch, which allows you to pull it open and climb inside.

At the bottom of the ladder, bring out your lighter or your Flashlight and continue down the nearby corridor. Keep an eye on the right for an open door, and head on through when you spot it. Directly ahead, you'll see a corpse with the Revolver glowing by their side.

There aren't any other tools or weapons to find in this area, but you will find some crates at the end of the corridor. Open them to get some food and crafting materials. We also found some Printer Resin, which you can use at the 3D Printer, on the shelves nearby.

How to get Revolver ammo in Sons Of The Forest

The Revolver uses 9mm bullets in Sons Of The Forest, but you cannot craft this ammo whenever you want. You'll only find it by exploring the map, so make sure to search caves, important landmarks, and cannibal camps to see what turns up.

There are also plenty of crates and item containers hidden around the map in random stashes, and while you can't see them on the minimap, there is one way to find them a little easier. If you manage to befriend Virginia, the three-legged woman who tends to watch you from afar, she will occasionally beckon you over to some loot that she has found.

Upon arriving, you may find loot crates that can contain Revolver ammo, along with food, medicine, and crafting materials that you may need.

That wraps up our guide on how to get the Revolver in Sons Of The Forest. If you want to find some other guns, check out our guides on how to find the Pistol and how to get the Shotgun in Sons Of The Forest. If you've spent all of your time looking for guns and are now panicking about getting eaten alive, take a look at our guides on how to start a fire and how to make a tent in Sons Of The Forest so that you can cook some food and sleep through the night.

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