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Sons of the Forest Firefighter Axe location: How to get the Firefighter Axe

Learn where to find the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest

Looking for the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest? Sons Of The Forest is a tense survival game in which you share an island with cannibals and mutants, so you'll want to build a base as fast as possible. That means you'll need to chop some trees, and nothing cuts wood like the Firefighter Axe. It's the best axe available in Sons of the Forest, better than the starting Tactical Axe and the Modern Axe, but that means you'll need to go on quite the adventure to find it.

In this guide, we'll break down how to get the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest, with a handy map to show you exactly where to go.

Looking for ways to survive your first few days in Sons of the Forest? Watch the video above for 15 essential tips .

How to get the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest

To get the Firefighter Axe, you must go to Maintenance Hatch A. This is marked on the map below, and you'll see a green marker on your in-game map as you approach.

Before setting off, you'll need to get the Shovel in Sons of the Forest so that you can unearth the hatch. If you've yet to find the Shovel, bear in mind that you'll also need to find the Rebreather and get the Rope Gun before you can get it.

A map denoting the Firefighter Axe location in Sons of the Forest.

When you arrive at the location marked above, take out your Shovel and start digging in the dirt just in front of the golf caddy. It'll take a short while, but you'll eventually be able to interact with the hatch and pull it open.

Climb the ladder into the darkness below, and pull out your lighter or Flashlight with "L". Then, follow the corridor all the way to the end, where you'll find the Firefighter Axe in a case.

Before you leave, make sure to explore the nearby room to find one of the Sons of the Forest keycards. You'll also find the laser attachment for the Pistol on a desk within, along with some food items scattered around.

That wraps up our guide on how to get the Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest. If you want some protection while you're chopping trees, check out our guide on how to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest, as she can wield guns, such as the Shotgun, and fire them without needing ammo. Of course, you can also send Kelvin off to fetch you some logs, if you'd rather focus on making a tent and lighting a fire to survive the night.

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