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Steam's Remote Play Together Fest kicks off on Monday

Demos and discounts on co-op darlings

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The best games are co-op games, and one of the best features of Steam is Remote Play, which turns local co-op games into online co-op games through the power of internet magic.

This week brings Steam Remote Play Together 2024 Fest, a mouthful that means there will be discounts and demos for co-op games on the digital storefront.

Here's a trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoSteam Remote Play Together 2024 Fest: Official Trailer
The trailer for Steam Remote Play Together 2024.

The fest runs from Monday, February 12th until Saturday, February 24th at 10am PT (6pm GMT). You can see the kind of games that might be included on Steam's Remote Play category, where you'll also find the Fest once it kicks off.

Games included in the trailer above - normally a sign that they'll be discounted during the Fest - include Castle Crashers, Children Of Morta, River City Girls 2, Overcooked! 2, and Enter The Gungeon.

There are plenty of great co-op games that ship with native support for online co-op, but there are also many that only support local co-op - particularly those from small teams, or built in the likes of GameMaker. If you're like me, you're long past the time in your life when friends were coming round to play video games side by side, and in these instances Remote Play is a wonderful thing. My experiences with it have always worked well, without much in the way of lag, too.

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