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Palworld: All admin server commands

Here's all the server commands in Palworld

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Want to know all the admin commands in Palworld? Playing Palworld with friends is one of the best ways to capture all of the Pals in the game and truly lay claim to the Palpagos Islands, and one of the best ways to do this is on a private server. If you're the admin of a dedicated Palworld server, you might be wondering about the commands at your disposal.

You're in the right place - read on for the full rundown on the console commands you can enter to display messages, teleport friends to your location, boot an unruly player, and more.

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All Palworld admin commands

At the moment, these are all the Palworld commands available in Early Access. To enter these commands, simply type them into the game's chat box, and replace anything in the curly brackets with the appropriate information. If you don't have admin access, you can get it by typing /AdminPassword, followed by the password for your server.

  • /BanPlayer{SteamID} - Bans a player with the listed SteamID from the server.
  • /Broadcast{Message} - Broadcasts a message that everyone on the server can see.
  • /DoExit - Shuts down the server.
  • /Info - Displays information related to the server, like the name and the version of Palworld running under the hood.
  • /KickPlayer{SteamID} – Kicks a player with the listed SteamID from the server.
  • /Save - Saves world data associated with the server.
  • /ShowPlayers - Displays a list of all players currently in the server.
  • /ShutDown{Seconds}{Message} - Creates a timer for the server to shut down and broadcasts a message to all players currently playing.
  • /TeleportToMe{SteamID} - Teleports a player with the listed Steam ID to your location.
  • /TeleportToPlayer{SteamID} - Teleports you to the location of a player with the listed SteamID.

If you're looking for other commands which spawn new Pals or cause dramatic shifts in your server's world, you're unfortunately out of luck, at least until more updates come to Palworld in the near future. And if you can't make heads or tails of setting up a server in the first place, check out our detailed guide to Palworld dedicated servers if you haven't already.

That's a wrap on all the admin commands in Palworld. Prior to you and your friends going wild on your private server, you may want to read on how to build the best base and recruit the best pals in the game. For those just starting out, we recommend taking a peek at our guide to the best starter Pals and our Palworld tips and tricks.

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