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How to get the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest

Learn where to find the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest

A player reloads the Stun Gun on a beach in Sons Of The Forest.
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Looking for the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest? Sons Of The Forest pits you against cannibals and mutants on an otherwise very pretty island, and it's easy to get overwhelmed during combat. However, you can get the Stun Gun and use it to stun your enemies, stopping their attacks and making it much easier to fight through your foes.

We'll break down how to get the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest, which has now left early access, so you can stun enemies from afar before finishing them off with your melee attacks.

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How to get the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest

To get the Stun Gun, you must head to the Northern beach and go to the cave where you find the Rebreather. If you're unsure where this is, we'll mark the Stun Gun location on the map below.

A map denoting the location of the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest.
Here's the map location for the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Endnight Games

When you arrive, go into the cave and follow the path forward, crouching to traverse where the tunnel gets lower. Ahead, you'll come to a stream leading down into a room with some mutants, so whip out a powerful weapon, such as the Pistol, Machete, or Stun Baton, to clear them out.

When the chamber is empty, wade through the water and continue past the light source up ahead into another tunnel. Head all the way through the tunnel (it's fairly linear, but it goes on for a very long time) until you reach a cavern that's dimly lit by a red light source. Head over to the wall where you can see the red glow.

There, you'll find a corpse hanging from the ceiling. You'll find the Stun Gun hanging next to the body, so simply grab it to add it to your inventory.

How to get Stun Gun ammo

The Stun Gun uses unique Stun Gun ammo, rather than materials or regular batteries.

Stun Gun ammo, like most other ammo types in Sons Of The Forest, is often hidden in supply crates in places such as caves, cannibal camps, and other important landmarks on the map. You should also find some in the crates strewn around your spawn location at the helicopter crash site.

If you're really struggling to find more, we'd recommend getting Virginia as a companion.

After befriending her, Virginia will occasionally beckon you away from your base to show you some loot that she has found. She can lead you to crates that aren't marked on the map, and you may find Stun Gun ammo if you're lucky.

That wraps up our guide on how to get the Stun Gun in Sons Of The Forest. If you're after more tools that'll prove useful early on, take a look at our guides on how to get the Modern Axe and how to get the Firefighter Axe in Sons Of The Forest. After clearing this cave, we'd recommend getting the Rope Gun, which you'll need alongside the Rebreather before you can get the Shovel in Sons Of The Forest.

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