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Sons of the Forest Slingshot location: How to get the Slingshot

Learn where to find the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest

Looking for the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest? Sons Of The Forest has many ranged weapons to find across its sprawling cannibal-packed island, but the Slingshot easily has the most readily-available ammo source. That's because you can find small rocks scattered all over across the ground, and simply loading them into your Slingshot provides an easy way to pick off enemies from afar.

In this guide, we'll break down how to get the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest, pointing out the exact location on the map. We'll also explain how Slingshot ammo works, so that you're ready to start firing as soon as you find it.

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How to get the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest

The Slingshot is found outside of the cave where you also find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest. You'll find the exact Slingshot location marked on the map below.

A map denoting the location of the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest.

When you arrive at the cave entrance, look at the corpses mounted on spikes in the water nearby. As you approach the guards, you will find the Slingshot attached to one of them. Simply interact with it to add it to your inventory.

Unlike the Pistol, Revolver, and Shotgun, the Slingshot doesn't need bullets. Of course, it doesn't compare to any of those in sheer damage potential, but it serves as a handy way to deal ranged damage during your first few nights in Sons of the Forest.

To use the Slingshot, simply look for small rocks that you can pick up on the floor. When you have small rocks in your inventory, they will automatically load into the sling when you have the Slingshot equipped.

It's worth noting that only small rocks work as Slingshot ammo. You can't use the larger lumps of stone that you'll also find scattered around, so make sure you're picking up the right type if you're trying to hoard some ammo before the cannibals start to attack.

That wraps up our guide on how to get the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest. If you're on the hunt for more powerful weapons, take a look at our guides on how to get the Machete and how to get the Katana in Sons of the Forest. If you don't have ammo for your guns but still want them to be useful, consider getting Virginia as a companion and hand them over, as she can fire forever without needing to find bullets.

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