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How to get Ancient Technology and Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Here's how to get Ancient Technology and Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

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Wondering how to unlock Ancient Technology in Palworld? Ancient Technology Points are a way to get your hands on Ancient crafting recipes in Palworld. These recipes are for things like the Egg Incubator, Grappling Gun, Sphere Launcher and more quality-of-life items.

As such, knowing how to get Ancient Technology Points is a vital component of gameplay. Once you unlock these recipes, you'll also need Ancient Civilization Parts to make most of the items. Below, we've listed how you can get both Ancient Technology Points and Ancient Civilization Parts as well as some of the more important crafting recipes in the game.

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How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

You'll notice in the Technology tab that the rarer crafting recipes fall into the purple 'Ancient' column. These recipes can only be unlocked with Ancient Technology Points rather than the standard Technology Points you get for levelling up.

Ancient Technology Points can be obtained by defeating Syndicate bosses or Tower Bosses as they are also referred to. This means the first set of points you can acquire is by defeating Zoe and Grizzbolt at the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance Waypoint.

As Grizzbolt is an Electric Pal, we suggest kitting your team out with Ground Pals as these will deal double damage. Palworld also has different hitboxes for enemies, meaning you'll deal more damage if you score headshots. As such, we recommend directing headshots to Zoe on Grizzbolt's back where possible. When defeated, you can get five Ancient Technology Points from Zoe and Grizzbolt.

If you're playing solo, it's sure to be a tough fight, but is possible with the correct setup. Try to get past level 10 and make sure you equip a shield for an extra health bar. For more info on how to survive in Palworld, check out our Palworld tips and tricks guide for beginners.

Where to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Once you have points to unlock recipes, you'll then need Ancient Civilization Parts to craft most of the recipes. You can get Ancient Civilization Parts from:

  • Defeating or capturing regional Alphas
  • Looting rare chests throughout the world
  • Defeating or capturing dungeon bosses
  • Defeating or capturing Lucky Pals

See our interactive Palworld Map below for all 43 Alpha Pal locations, all dungeon locations and other useful points of interest and collectables.

Expand map

Alphas are stronger named variants of Pals and will have large a red health bar across the top of the screen when you encounter them. When you run into an Alpha in the wild, its location will be automatically added to your Palworld map, so make sure to check this for any Alphas in the vicinity.

Alphas will put up a strong fight, so make sure you're nicely levelled up and kitted out with a range of weapons. See our Pal type chart to familiarise yourself with all the element types in Palworld and what they are strongest and weakest against before a fight.

Once you have enough Ancient Civilization Parts you can make interesting things like the Egg Incubator or Grappling Gun. Building this is a good priority as it allows you to hatch new Pals from the various eggs you can collect in the world and further build up your Paldeck.

All Ancient Civilization Parts recipes

Palworld screenshot of Ancient Civilisation Parts
Ancient Civilization Parts description box in Palworld | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

To summarise, you'll need Ancient Technology points to unlock Ancient crafting recipes. You'll then need Ancient Civilization Parts to make these recipes. Although it will take some effort, it's well worth it to unlock them.

Below, we have a list of all the Ancient Recipes that require Ancient Civilization Parts to make in Palworld.

Recipe Level required Materials needed
Egg Incubator Level 7 Ancient Civilization Parts x2
Paldium Fragment x10
Cloth x5
Stone x30
Grappling Gun Level 12 Ancient Civilization Parts x1
Paldium Fragment x10
Ingot x10
Fiber x30
Pal Essence Condenser Level 14 Ancient Civilization Parts x5
Paldium Fragment x20
Ingot x20
Mega Grappling Gun Level 17 Ancient Civilization Parts x4
Paldium Fragment x20
Ingot x20
Fiber x50
Hip Lantern Level 22 Ancient Civilization Parts x10
Ingot x20
Wood x10
Flame Organ x10
Single-shot Sphere Launcher Level 29 Ancient Civilization Parts x5
Ingot x50
Stone x100
Paldium Fragment x50
Giga Grappling Gun Level 32 Ancient Civilization Parts x8
Paldium Fragment x30
Ingot x30
Fiber x80
Scatter Sphere Launcher Level 38 Ancient Civilization Parts x10
Refined Ingot x50
Polymer x15
Paldium Fragment x50
Carbon Fiber x30
Lily's Spear Level 40 Ancient Civilization Parts x20
Paldium Fragment x20
Refined Ingot
High Quality Cloth x20
Wood x50
Decal Gun Set Level 42 Ancient Civilization Parts x3
Ingot x30
Polymer x10
Paldium Fragment x15
Hyper Grappling Gun Level 47 Ancient Civilization Parts x15
Paldium Fragment x40
Refined Ingot x30
Carbon Fiber x20
Polymer x15
Homing Sphere Launcher Level 50 Ancient Civilization Parts x20
Pal Metal Ingot x100
Polymer x50
Paldium Fragment x200
Carbon Fiber x50

That rounds off our guide to getting Ancient Civilization Parts and Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. For more tips and tricks, see our list of the best Pals in Palworld which includes the fastest mounts, regular mounts, best Pals for combat and more.

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