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How to unlock the Egg Incubator in Palworld

Here's how to get the Egg Incubator in Palworld and hatch Pals yourself

Palworld screenshot of Egg Incubators
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Looking to unlock the Palworld Egg Incubator? The Egg Incubator is one of many Ancient Technology recipes in Palworld that can be used to hatch the numerous collectable Eggs you'll find throughout the world.

Below, we've detailed how to get the Egg Incubator, including the materials you'll need to craft it and how to get the Ancient Technology Points to unlock the recipe for it in your Technology menu. We've also listed all possible types of Eggs, all Egg locations and how you can speed up the hatching process with the right conditions.

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How to unlock the Egg Incubator in Palworld

The Egg Incubator is the first Ancient Technology crafting recipe available to players. Unlike other recipes, this requires Ancient Technology Points to unlock, which are rarer and harder to obtain than regular technology points.

You can read our Ancient Technology guide for more information, but essentially you have to complete Syndicate towers and defeat the bosses therein to get these points. The first bosses you will encounter as part of the tutorial are Grizzbolt and Zoe.

Once defeated, you'll receive some Ancient Technology Points which you can then spend in the Technology menu to unlock the Egg Incubator recipe.

You can also get Ancient Technology Points from either defeating or capturing regional Alpha Bosses, Lucky Pals, dungeon bosses and looting from rare chests throughout the Palworld map.

How to make the Egg Incubator in Palworld

Palworld screenshot of the Ancient Technology menu
The Egg Incubator crafting recipe within the Ancinet Technology menu | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

The Egg Incubator recipe can be unlocked at Ancient Technology level 7 and requires the following materials to craft:

  • Paldium Fragment x10: A rich blue ore that can be mined. It's usually found around waterways, or it can be collected from the ground in grassy fields.
  • Cloth x5: Made at a regular workbench by converting the Wool you can collect from Pals such as Melpaca or Lamball by defeating them in combat, or by assigning them to work at a ranch.
  • Stone x30: A common resource gathered by mining Stone Ores. You can create a mining facility at your base for a constant supply.
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x2: You can get Ancient Civilization Parts by defeating Alpha Pals.

Where to get Eggs in Palworld: All Egg locations

At level 19 you'll unlock the Breeding Farm. Here, you can unlock Palworld breeding combos and create Eggs for Pals to hatch from.

You can also hatch Pals from larger, coloured Eggs found throughout the map in Palworld. Below, we've added our interactive map with all Egg locations in Palworld listed. This map additionally shows dugeon locations, Alpha Bosses and other points of interest in the game.

Expand map

As a rule of thumb, Eggs can usually be found on grassy hills and cliffsides. Below, we have a list of all types of Eggs you can find and what type of Pal will hatch from them based on their element.

All Egg types in Palworld

Palworld screenshot of different rarity Eggs
A selection of Eggs in Palworld | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

In Palworld, different Eggs have different rarities. The rarer the Egg is, the longer it will usually take to hatch in real time. Some Eggs require specific conditions (like warmer climates) meaning they will hatch quicker depending on where your base is and if it's daytime or evening, (more on this below).

Of the types listed, these Eggs can come in Normal, Large and Huge sizes. The larger the Egg, the more it will weigh, the rarer the Pal inside usually is and the longer it will take to hatch. The following Eggs have a chance to hatch into these Pals:

Egg name Appearance Type of Pal that will hatch from it
Damp Egg Dark blue with light blue raindrops Water Pal
Rocky Egg Light and dark brown geometric shapes Ground Pal
Electric Egg Yellow with black zig-zags Electric Pal
Frozen Egg Blue snowflakes Ice Pal
Verdant Egg Dark and light green circular pattern Grass Pal
Dark Egg Purple with red swirls Dark Pal
Dragon Egg Purple and black zig-zags Dragon Pal
Scorching Egg Orange and yellow flames Fire Pal
Common Egg Pink and white stripes Neutral Pal

How to speed up Egg hatching in Palworld

Palworld screenshot of a successful Egg incubation
Screenshot of a successfully incubated Egg in Palworld | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

As mentioned above, some Eggs require warmer or colder conditions to hatch faster. When this happens, the Egg will usually display a message like 'seems a little cold'. To speed up the hatching process you need to place either a Cooler or Heater next to the Egg Incubator and assign a Pal to it with a good Kindling or Cooling skill.

The effects of these structures stack, so you may need to build several around the Incubators to find the ideal temperature for them. As such, it's usually a good idea to build at least two Incubators to cater to the different Egg types. If an Egg needs warmth, it can also help to build the Incubator indoors, underneath a roof structure.

Building a Cooler next to an incubating Frozen Egg or a fire around an incubating Scorching Egg can speed up the hatching process as much as 50%.

That rounds off our guide to everything you need to know about the Palworld Egg Incubator including how to unlock the recipe, how to craft it, all the different types of Eggs and how to find them. For more tips and tricks, see our list of the best Pals in Palworld which includes a mega tier list of all Pals. Alternatively, see our list of the fastest mounts in the game to make traversal much easier.

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