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How to get Bones in Palworld

Here's how to get Bones in Palworld, all crafting recipes, ways to farm, and more

Taking on a charging Rushoar in Palworld.
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Want to know how to get Bones in Palworld? Bones are a vital resource in Palworld, mostly due to the fact that they help make medicines and Cement, which you'll need for high-quality weapons and defensive walls.

As such, knowing where to get Bones is an important part of the game. Below, we've listed all Pals that drop Bones when caught or defeated, as well as the best ways to farm Bones and most important crafting recipes.

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Which Pals drop Bones in Palworld?

These are the Pals we've found thus far who have a chance to drop Bones if you defeat or catch them. We've also included a location where these Pals tend to spawn. For more spawn spots and heat maps, check out our Palworld Pal locations guide.

Pal Location
Anubis Northeast of Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant
Bushi Fisherman's Point
Cawgnito Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster
Gorirat Sealed Realm of the Guardian
Loupmoon Ravine Entrance
Maraith Pristine Snow Field
Rushoar Small Settlement
Vanwyrm Ravine Entrance
Vanwyrm Cryst Cold Shore
Verdash No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary
Vixy Desolate Church

Remember, as long as you encounter a Pal in the wild, they'll be entered into your Paldeck. You can then check the habitat of that Pal to see where you can find them on the map. If you actually defeat a Pal, detailed info - including a list of its possible drops - will also appear.

Best ways to farm Bones in Palworld

The best Pals to farm Bones for in the early stages of Palworld are the Rushoar and Vixy. These Pals that are located near the Small Settlement, which isn't far from the Plateau of Beginnings. If you wander the foothills and cliffsides north and south of the settlement, you should run into either before too long, and it's worth catching one of each.

Rushoar - who is an aggressive Pal that attacks on sight - certainly isn't one of the fastest mounts in Palworld, but is nevertheless an easily accesible steed during the early game, with the Rushoar Saddle unlocking at Technology Level 6. Rushoar also drops Leather, which you'll need for crafting saddles and armour, and boasts a Level 1 Work Suitability in Mining.

The Wandering Merchant, located in Palworld's Small Settlement.
The Wandering Merchant, who you can buy Bones from | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

Conveniently, the Small Settlement is also home to a Wandering Merchant who sells Bones for 100 Gold Coins. If you don't feel like running around defeating Pals for their Bones, you can always purchase a load all at once here.

Best ways to use Bones in Palworld

Once you have Bones at your disposal, you'll probably first use them to craft medicine for Pals who are suffering from physical ailments like Ulcer, or low SAN (Sanity) ailments like Depressed. You'll need at least the Medieval Medicine Workbench, which unlocks at Technology Level 12, to begin crafting medicine like Medical Supplies and High Grade Medical Supplies.

The Technology Tree in Palworld, with the Medieval Medicine Bench highlighted.
The Medieval Medicine Workbench, where you can make medicines for your Pals | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

If you want to automate the medicine making process, it's necessary to have an array of Pals at your base who are capable at the Medicine Production Work Suitability skill. Lifmunk, Flopie, Robinquill, and Loveander are all good choices in Palworld's early game.

Once you're accustomed to using Bones for medicine crafting, your next major project that requires Bones will probably be the Mega Glider, which becomes available at Technology Level 18. This elevated version of the glider is superior to the starting Normal Parachute, and will be immensely useful as you continue to navigate the cliffs and valleys of the Palpagos Islands. For a full list of all crafting recipes that require Bones, see below.

Palworld Bones crafting recipes

Below is a list of all crafting recipes in Palworld that require Bones. See our above section for our recommendation on which recipes to prioritise first. We have also listed recipes like this for other important crafting materials like Leather, Pal Fluids, Coal and more.

Recipe Materials needed
Mega Glider Bone x10
Wood x50
Cloth x20
Cement Bone x1
Stone x50
Pal Fluids x1
Medical Supplies Bone x1
Horn x3
Ingot x3
High Grade Medical Supplies Bone x2
Horn x5
Ingot x5
Suspicious Juice Bone x1
Beautiful Flower x3
Horn x3
Pal Fluids x1
Strange Juice Bone x2
Beautiful Flower x5
Horn x5
Pal Fluids x2
Memory Wiping Medicine Bone x50
Beautiful Flower x99
Horn x50
Pal Fluids x50
Mind Control Meds Bone x5
Refined Ingot x10
Horn x10
Pal Fluids x3

The most important recipe to keep an eye on is the recipe for Cement. Bones are needed to make Cement, which in turn, is needed to create high-level weapons, Legendary Spheres and building structures. As such, you'll need a steady supply of Bones if you want to create a strong base with Production Assembly Lines or gain access to some of the best weapons in Palworld like the Mounted Missile Launcher, Mounted Machine Gun and more.

And that's it for getting Bones in Palworld. For a full rundown of all of the furry friends in Palworld, check out our list of the best Pals in Palworld and how to capture them. For newbies, we've got a list of the best starter Pals and a useful selection of tips and tricks to assist you as you make the Palpagos Islands your home.

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