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How to get High Quality Oil in Palworld

Here's how to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld, crafting recipes and best farming methods

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Wondering how to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld? High Quality Pal Oil is a crafting material in Palworld, most commonly used to make Polymer. In turn, this is a vital ingredient used to make some of the best weapons in the game such as the Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher.

High Quality Pal Oil is also used for structural recipes, saddles for some Pal mounts and several Pal-specific weapons, including Grizzbolt's Minigun and the Mossanda Grenade Launcher.

So if you're looking to upgrade your firepower, you'll need to farm High Quality Pal Oil. Below, we've listed all Pals that drop High Quality Pal Oil, all oil crafting recipes and the best ways to farm High Quality Pal Oil in the game.

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Which Pals drop High Quality Oil in Palworld?

The following Pals have a chance to drop High Quality Oil when either caught or defeated in combat. For more spawn locations for each Pal listed, make sure you also check out our full Pal Locations guide, equipped with heat maps for every Pal in the game.

Pal Location
Digtoise Deep Sand Dunes
Dumud Northeast of Sealed Realm of Winged Tyrant
Elphidran No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary
Flambelle Ravine Grotto
Grintale Ancient Ritual Site
Jormuntide Ignis No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary
Mammorest Plateau of Beginnings
Quivern Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant
Relaxaurus Ascetic Falls
Woolipop Ravine Entrance

Where to farm High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

Palworld screenshot of a defeated Relaxaurus
Here is a defeated Relaxaurus Pal, harvested for oil | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

Out of the Pals listed above, Mammorest and Relaxaurus Pals will usually yield the most High Quality Pal Oil per battle (around three each). These Pals are a lot more formidable than the rest, however, so you'll need to have your weapons and Pals at the ready.

The Relaxaurus is both a Dragon and Water Pal, meaning it is weak against Electric and Ice Pals. I found particular luck finding pairs of them around The Ascetic Falls waypoint, west of the spawning area.

When hunting Relaxaurus Pals to farm for High Quality Pal Oil, make sure you also have either a Cryolinx or Orserk Pal in your team. The Orserk has a useful Partner Skill that allows Water Pals to drop more loot. Similarly, Cryolinx enables Dragon Pals to drop more loot when caught or defeated. This means your yield of High Quaility Pal Oil will be even greater. You can usually find Cryolinx Pals by the Unthawable Lake or sold by Black Marketeers. Whereas the Orserk is slightly rarer and can be found within the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Alternatively, you can farm Woolipop for one oil apiece. These are a lot easier to take down and are plentiful around the Ravine Entrance waypoint, within the Bamboo Groves. It is also possible to buy oil directly, as mentioned below.

Where to buy High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

As well as farming High Quality Pal Oil yourself, you can also buy oil from Wandering Merchants in Palworld. These Merchants are usually recognisable by their bright red attire and chances are, the first one you'll come across is the merchant within the Small Settlement, south of the starting area.

Expand map

The above interactive map highlights all 17 merchant locations in Palworld as well as all other dungeon locations, alpha bosses and other points of interest.

Buying High Quality Pal Oil from a Wandering Merchant will usually set you back around 300 Coins. If you're struggling to find Coins in Palworld, we recommend recruiting a Mau Pal to your base. These helpful critters will produce Coins regularly when assigned to a Ranch and can usually be found within the lower levels of dungeons across the map. See our full Pal list for more information on each Pal in the game and their unique abilities.

High Quality Pal Oil recipes

The main use for High Quality Pal Oil is to make Polymer. Polymer is then used to make some of the best weapons in Palworld like the Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher. As such, you'll need to come up with an effective Pal Oil farming method early on to facilitate later game progress, (see above for farming details).

We also have comprehensive guides for other crafting materials like Coal, Pal Fluids, Leather, Bones and more to help you craft your way to success in Palworld. Below are all the crafting recipes that require either High Quality Pal Oil or Polymer to make.

Recipe Level required Materials needed
Musket Level 21 High Quality Pal Oil x5
Ingot x25
Wood x30
Mossanda's Grenade Launcher Level 24 High Quality Pal Oil x20
Ingot x50
Paldium Fragment x40
Mossanda Lux's Grenade Launcher Level 25 High Quality Pal Oil x24
Ingot x60
Paldium Fragment x48
Makeshift Handgun Level 25 High Quality Pal Oil x10
Ingot x35
Fiber x30
Mammorest Saddle Level 28 High Quality Pal Oil x10
Leather x50
Fiber x70
Wood x100
Paldium Fragment x60
Handgun Level 29 High Quality Pal Oil x15
Ingot x50
Weapon Assembly Line Level 32 High Quality Pal Oil x10
Ingot x100
Wood x50
Nail x20
Witch Cauldron Level 32 High Quality Pal Oil x15
Ingot x50
Stone x50
Pal Fluids x15
Polymer Level 33 High Quality Pal Oil x2
Circuit Board Level 35 Polymer x2
Pure Quartz x4
Single-shot Rifle Level 36 Polymer x5
Refined Ingot x20
Double-barreled Shotgun Level 39 Polymer x7
Refined Ingot x30
Grizzbolt's Minigun Level 40 High Quality Pal Oil x10
Polymer x20
Refined Ingot x50
Paldium Fragment x75
Pump-action Shotgun Level 42 Polymer x20
Refined Ingot x30
Carbon Fiber x40
Decal Ink Anicient Technology Level 42 High Quality Pal Oil x1
Pal Fluids x1
Electric Furnace Level 44 Polymer x20
Refined Ingot x50
Circuit Board x10
Carbon Fiber x20
Assault Rifle Level 45 Polymer x10
Refined Ingot x40
Carbon Fiber x30
Mammorest Cryst Saddle Level 45 High Quality Pal Oil x12
Fiber x84
Leather x60
Wood x120
Paldium Fragment x72
Rocket Launcher Level 49 Polymer x30
Pal Metal Ingot x75
Cabron Fiber x50
Legendary Handgun Dropped from Beakon Alpha boss High Quality Pal Oil x100
Ingot x337
Ancient Civilisation Parts x14

That rounds off our guide to getting High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld. Now you should be all set to build some of the best weapons in the game. For more tips and tricks, see our list of the best Pals in Palworld which includes a tier list of all Pals in the game. We also have a guide to the fastest mounts in Palworld if you're looking to make traversal easier. Alternatively, if you're a beginner to the game, see our tips and tricks for beginners guide.

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