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Build for the future with this 1200W 80+ Platinum PSU for just $160

A sweet $60 discount returns after first debuting on Newegg last month.

super flower leadex power supply
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Last month we reported that a highly rated 1200W PSU was going cheap on Newegg, where you could pick up the Super Flower Leadex 1200W 80+ Platinum for just $160. After selling out rapidly, Newegg has restocked and is offering the same deal again, giving you a second chance to get a PSU that could well outlast every other component in your system!

To get the quoted $160 price rather than the standard $220, you'll need to use code YPCDP6233 at the checkout!

While few single graphics card setups require a 1200W power supply, the trend over the past few generations has certainly been towards hungrier and hungrier cards that not only require more power on average at the top end but also exhibit sudden spikes in power draw (transient loads) that are more difficult for power supplies to deal with - leading to a few blown PSUs amongst harder to identify issues.

Therefore, picking up a highly efficient PSU with a good amount of headroom is sensible for anyone considering a high-end system, though of course there's always a balance between your immediate needs and future compatibility.

This particular model is an A-tier unit from the Cultists Network Tier List (a community ranking formerly of the LTT Forums) and is praised for its quiet operation and reliability, making it a strong choice. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, which is also welcome amongst power supplies given their critical importance in ensuring the safety of all of your other (potentially much more expensive!) components.

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