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Start a boring and stressful maintenance job in this former Arkane level designer's upcoming game

Check out the announcement trailer for Threshold

Reading a letter saying 'Welcome to the most boring and stressful maintenance job in the country, if not the world' in a Threshold screenshot.
Image credit: Julien Eveillé

As a big fan of moody first-person games where you follow procedures to do a job, I'm quite interested in the recent announcement of Threshold. Made by a former Arkane level designer, it's about a train maintenance job at a border post atop the world's tallest mountain, where the air is so thin you need to huff top-ups from cans. Concrete information on Threshold is a bit thin at this point but I can tell you that you have a bucket and some planks, so what more do you need to know? Check out the announcement trailer, below.

Cover image for YouTube videoTHRESHOLD | Announce Trailer

There you are on, top of the wall, at a run-down border outpost in the shadow of a vast wall. As a "never-ending" train crosses past, we have to ensure it keeps running. To do that, we get a whistle to tell the train to accelerate, air cans to top up our lungs, a bucket for bucketing, and planks to... do planky things? Supposedly it's "based on a true story", and the ending will be influenced by both what we do and which of the 24 countries we pick at the start (from Russia and the United Kingdom to Ethiopia and Iran).

At this point, it's not entirely clear what we're doing in Threshold, but all I need to know is that we have a weird job and get to explore a moody place. That's plenty for me. I'm in.

No word yet on when Threshold is coming, but for now you can wishlist it on Steam. It's the solo work of Julien Eveillé, a senior level designer at Crytek who previously worked at Arkane, touching levels on games including Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Deathloop.

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