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Part-Divinity, part-Persona RPG The Thaumaturge gets a two-week delay to find some breathing room

“We want to give it space so it can be enjoyed the way we believe it deserves”

A man and his demon fight the otherworldly Bukavac  in The Thaumaturge
Image credit: 11 bit Studios

The Thaumaturge, the detective CRPG blending together eastern-European fantasy, alt-history Warsaw and even a bit of Pokémon (or Persona, if you prefer), has been pushed back from its planned release date next week to the start of March. With development said to be finished, creators Fool’s Theory say that it’s simply to let the game breathe a bit easier.

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The Thaumaturge was revealed almost a year ago by the developers behind the Witcher Remake and some support work on Divinity: Original Sin, pulling together the Polish folklore of the former and the top-down roleplaying and turn-based combat of the latter together with a touch of Persona in the manifestation of people’s darker sides as demonic monsters that can be captured and used for their abilities.

Originally due to land in December, Fool’s Theory and publishers 11 bit Studios pushed The Thaumaturge back to February 20th for some “finishing touches” to its development.

Now, just over a week from that release date, The Thaumaturge has seen another delay. This time it’s only around two weeks - putting its release date on March 4th - and the reason isn’t due to any more development requirements, but to avoid getting lost amongst a crowded February slate.

“With February’s busy launch period, we've decided to move the release of the Thaumaturge to March 4th, 2024,” the developers announced on X. “The game is complete, but we want to give it space so it can be enjoyed the way we believe it deserves.”

With this month being especially loaded for lengthy RPGs between Persona 3 Reload, Granblue Fantasy: Relink and Like a Dragon: Infinity Wealth alone - before you even get to the glut of demos during Steam Next Fest and everything else that’s come out recently - it’s a fairly understandable move, even if those who’ve been waiting since December will have to wait a little bit longer to finally start their adventures in early 20th-century Warsaw.

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