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December 2013 Archive

    1. The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Columns
    2. The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Gaming Made Me
    1. The Very Best Of RPS 2013: Interviews
    1. The Christmas Leftovers - Part Three
    1. The Flare Path: Sherry Is My Avgas
    2. It Started With A Cutscene: Our Favourite Game Intros
    3. The Christmas Leftovers - Part Two
    1. RPS Xmas Compo: Win a Sapphire Radeon 290
    2. The Christmas Leftovers - Part One
    1. Merry Christmas Readers! The Complete 2013 Calendar
    2. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 24
    1. Titan Souls Is Shadow Of The Colossus Meets Dark Souls
    2. DLC For Dark Souls II? Not In This (Brief) Lifetime
    3. Crafting A Better War: Hearthstone Open Beta Delayed
    4. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 23
    5. Steam Allows Publishers To Disable Cross-Region Gifting
    1. Reset Doesn't Have Long Left To Make Lots Of Money
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 22
    1. Ex-Warhammer Online Dev Asks EA To Release SP Version
    2. Network Now Working: SimCity 4's Network Addon Mod
    3. Xtra, Xtra! Might & Magic X Out On XXIII/I/MMXIV
    4. Let's Chatter/Splatter Over... Hyper Light Drifter
    5. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 21
    1. Impressions: DayZ
    2. Steel Yourself: FTL Advanced Edition's Adds Metal Lifeforms
    3. Have No Fear: The Division On PC Won't Be Horrible
    4. Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Sets Scythes On Release
    5. CryEngine & The British Library: 2013's Unusual Team Up
    6. Strike Vector Looks Striking, Beta Revving Up
    7. Heads-On: Playing Elite Dangerous With The Oculus Rift
    8. There It Is: Metal Gear Revengeance Finally Dated
    9. Wot I Think: Wings Over Flanders Fields
    10. Don We Now Our Gun Apparel: CS:GO's Winter Update
    11. Mojang Give The Gift Of Giving: Scrolls Free For A Friend
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 20
    13. Thief Trailer Features Queen Of Beggars, Usual Worries
    14. Peace Time: Warhammer Online Closes Its Doors
    1. Puppygames Fill The Humble Weekly Bundle
    2. RPS Xmas Compo: Custom-Cooled Sapphire Radeon 290
    3. Classy Action: Lawsuit Alleges EA Misled Over BF4 Bugs
    4. Steam Sale Steam Sale Steam Sale!
    5. A Starcraft 2 Gym: Snute's Click Game
    6. Early Impressions: Wasteland 2 Beta
    7. Twinkle, Twinkle: Starbound's Future Is Looking Bright
    8. Going Out With A Wang: Shadow Warrior Survival Mode
    9. Kingdom Come Promises 'A Different Kind Of RPG'
    10. What Legacy? - Nosgoth's Beta Will Soon Be Upon Us
    11. Rebellion's Evil Genius Online In Open Beta... Again?
    12. Survey: Babies Most Likely To Be Eaten By GTA V
    13. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 19
    14. Hey, Where's Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry On PC?
    15. DayZ Sells 13 Trillion Units In Four Seconds
    1. The Meaning Of Christmas
    2. Little China Doll: How Spicy Horse Imagined Alice: Madness Returns
    3. Wot I Read: Blizzard Biography 'Stay Awhile And Listen'
    4. Wot I Think: Stick It To The Man
    5. Smithsonian Adds Games To Its American Art Collection
    6. Gaming Made Me: Pinball
    7. Overgrowth Leaps On To Steam Early Access, Slices Price
    8. Alphamania - Divinity: Original Sin Backer Alpha Kicks Off
    9. Fa'el Is A Pretty PC Game With A, Er, Game Boy Companion
    10. Penny Arcade Leak Describes Diversity Hub For PAX
    11. Plants Vs Zombies: GW Goes Battlefield In New Mode
    12. Warpdrive Disengage: Star Citizen Dogfighting Delayed
    13. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 18
    14. Give The GIF Of Terror: The Animating Of Ethan Carter
    15. Holy Crap, Bears: Holy Crap, Bears!
    1. Why I Love The Hot Prospects Of Football Manager 2014
    2. Cunking Spock: Typing Of The Dead's Ultra-Profanity Pack
    3. Wot I Think: The Walking Dead Season Two Ep 1
    4. Master Of Magnetism: Teslagrad Released
    5. Diary: Rock And Roll With The Gorons Of Hyrule: Total War
    6. Survivor: Proteus Edition - Eidolon Gets First Trailer
    7. Dota You Want It, Baby: No More Queues For Valve's Moba
    8. The Legolation Of Smaug: Lego The Hobbit
    9. Counter-Cartography: CSGO Reviving De_Cbble
    10. Assassin's Creed IV's First Story DLC Focuses On Slavery
    11. Tiny Thief Released On Steam For 1700% More Than Mobile
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 17
    13. DayZ Completes Its Million Mile Shamble Onto Early Access
    14. MapleStory 2 Will Be An Enormous Game You Never Play
    1. Level With Me: Play Cohort 2 Now
    2. Drive By Truckers: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod
    3. Wot I Think: The Shivah
    4. Wot I Think: Pool Nation
    5. Nobody Wants Poor Old Kingdoms Of Amalur - Sniff
    6. Of Life And Depth: Subnautica
    7. Ultra Street Ultra Fighter Ultra IV Ultra!
    8. Hands On Verdict: The Banner Saga
    9. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 16
    10. Payday 2 Makes Like Santa, With A Free DLC Present
    11. Deathfire Launches Direct Funding After Failed Kickstarter
    12. SteamOS Is Out! Don't Download It Yet
    13. Surprising: Metal Gear - Revengeance On PC Soon
    14. Group Grapple: Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Hits Steam Today
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Live Free Play Hard: Dracula for the Holidays
    3. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 15
    1. Obsidian's Bold Future: Eternity Meets Skyrim, A Second KS
    2. Oculus Thrift No More: VR Company Gets $75m In Funding
    3. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 14
    4. Go Native: Europa Universalis IV Introduces New World
    1. Playing With Firearms In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    2. 26 Factual Inaccuracies In 'Baby Hazel Stomach Care Game'
    3. Kraken Up: We Need To Go Deeper Is Undersea FTL
    4. Hands-On With Elite: Dangerous
    5. As Voted For By Some Guys: Top 100 Mods Of The Year
    6. The Flare Path: Ducks The Issue
    7. The Messy Saga Of Replay's Paul Trowe, As Al Lowe Quits
    8. I'm Hooked: Grapple Knight
    9. A Few Hours With... Blackguards
    10. Clem Vs The World: Walking Dead Season Two's Full Trailer
    11. So Much Clanky, Creepy Foreboding In This SOMA Trailer
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 13
    13. Too Many Alphas - Elite: Dangerous Backer Alpha Begins
    14. Dostoevsky's Deerstalker: Crimes & Punishment
    1. Moore's Law and the Golden Age of PC Gaming
    2. WildStar's Engineer Class Detailed, Plus Brief Thoughts
    3. Silence - The Whispered World 2 Announced
    4. Let's Chatter Over... Wasteland 2
    5. The Wheels On The Bus: OMSI 2 Released
    6. No Caps: Fallout 1, 2 And Tactics Free At GOG
    7. Cracktivsion: Gabriel Knight Remake Linux Version Banned?
    8. Diary: Never Been Half-Lifed, Part Two
    9. Crowdforging: Below Kryll
    10. The Wait For Dungeon Of The Endless Is At An End
    11. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 12
    12. Ships Ahoy: Beta Steam Machines, SteamOS Out Friday
    13. Reparations: Fragments Of Him Receives Funding
    1. Report: Bethesda Casting Voice Actors For Fallout 4
    2. Wot I Think: Hexcells Plus
    3. Play Duke Nukem 3D Forever With Steam Workshop Support
    4. YouTube Blocks Game Videos, Industry Offers Help
    5. Hark: RPS Manchester Social And Gamejam This Saturday
    6. Wot I Think: Logitech G602 Mouse
    7. Sharper Shadows: Thief Gold HD Mod Released
    8. The Elder Scrolls Will Go Online On....
    9. This Is The Scariest Skyrim Mod I've Ever Seen
    10. 1 Game 1 Cup: New South Park: The Stick Of Truth Trailer
    11. Obsidian On Dungeoniest Dungeon Ever, Eternity's Length
    12. Muddy Hell: Company Of Heroes 2 - Southern Fronts
    13. The Most Marvelous News: Samurai Gunn's Surprise Release
    14. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 11
    15. Novel About Games Now Game About Novel About Games
    16. Double Fine's Hack 'N' Slash Is Not Actually A Hack 'N' Slash
    1. Mega-Impressions: Obsidian's Pillars Of Eternity
    2. Cardboard Children - Hardcore Shopping
    3. A Zoom Of One's Own: FOC/US
    4. Toast To The Monsters: 20 Years Of Doom
    5. Wot I Think: The Novelist
    6. Wot I Think: The Novelist
    7. Interview: No Man's Sky And Procedural Generation
    8. That Punk Rock Kid: Catacomb Kids Shows Off Some More
    9. Battlestar Evelikia: Entropy
    10. Frostivus For The Rest Of Us: Dota 2 Holiday Event Returns
    11. Manos To Manos: Hand Of Fate
    12. Fallout 4 Hoax Creator Breaks Cover, Explains Actions
    13. I, Spybot: NSA Docs Detail Spying In WoW, Second Life
    14. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 10
    15. Are You Watching, Valve? - GOG's Money Back Guarantee
    16. New Titanfall Trailers Take Cues From Star Citizen
    1. Hands-On: Divinity - Original Sin
    2. Riot Changes Mind On Pro LoL Streams, But Issues Persist
    3. The Witcher 3 Trailer Has A Boat Made Of Dead Men's Claws
    4. The Turn-Based Tides Of Numenera: Torment
    5. First Look: No Man's Sky
    6. Dishonored Among Thieves: Thief Trailer
    7. Player Stats & Pitch Editors: Frozen Endzone's Patchzone
    8. EverQuest Next Landmark's Insane Ambitions Video-ed
    9. Impressions: Starbound
    10. Hot Mod: Make Arma Not War And Win A Slice Of €500,000
    11. Sturdy, Calloused, Windblown: HORSE MASTER
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 9
    13. Story Time: Telltale Confirms Game Of Thrones, Borderlands
    14. A Doubly Fine Adventure: Stick It To The Man
    1. Live Free Play Hard: I'm Going To Upload A Bullet Into Your Face
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 8
    4. Whatever You Do, Watch This: Hello Games' No Man's Sky
    1. Wolf Among Us Ep 2 Won't Be Among Us Until 2014
    2. Not The Robots' Procedural Stealth Out This Month
    3. Eidolon Is A Survival Game About Mystery, Beauty, And Life
    4. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 7
    1. Of Stealth And Merry Men: Volume Interview
    2. Eldritch Crafts Itself A Lovely Mountain Of Madness
    3. The Walking This Way Soon Dead: Telltale's Season 2 Dated
    4. Squallout: Final Fantasy VIII Now On Steam
    5. Play Sonic Racing Transformed For Free This Weekend
    6. Open Your Wallet For War Thunder's Ground Forces Beta
    7. Valve Experimenting With Tongue, Bottom Controllers
    8. It's Pretty Unlikely That We'll See Fallout 4 This Weekend
    9. The Flare Path: Under Pressure
    10. Norsey Weekend: War Of The Vikings Free Weekend
    11. Hotline Trail Is The Complete Opposite Of Hotline Miami
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 6
    13. Sax And Violins: Arranger
    14. Bouncy Sprites And Surface Tackiness: Unreal 4 Engine
    1. Week in Tech: Ask Oculus, Cheap 4K, Other Stuff
    2. More-o-wind: Skywind Puts Morrowind in Skyrim
    3. Wot I Think: Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse (Part 1)
    4. Gimmie Shelter: Dead State Demo Coming Soon
    5. Wot I Think: SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful Of Dirt
    6. Vaaaalvelanche: Valve Greenlights Another 100 Games
    7. PC Sales Drop 10%, But Is There Anything To Worry About?
    8. DayZ Alpha Will Be A 'Disappointment' If You Want A Demo
    9. Why Riot Really Needs To Rethink Pro Stream Restrictions
    10. Mech The Halls: It's Time For A Very Hawken Christmas
    11. Additional Arma 3: Episode 2 Is Out In January
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 5
    13. DICE Halting Future Projects Until Battlefield 4 Is Stable
    14. Impressions: Frozen Endzone
    1. X Marks The Spot: Fun With Microsoft Flight Simulator
    2. Galactic Princess Is As Pretty As A Thing
    3. Mythmas Time: Apotheon Trailer
    4. Oh Project Spark Beta, Why Are You Windows-8-Only?
    5. Rodina's Release Date Revealed And I Am Relieved
    6. Hey, Path Of Exile Is Kind of Popular
    7. Interplanetary Grabbed By Steam Greenlight's Gravity
    8. Life Is Beta: Starbound Out Today
    9. Hands On: Gorogoa, A Puzzle Game About Pictures
    10. New PlanetSide 2 Progression Won't Involve Gear Or Power
    11. Elder Scrolls Online's Skill System Lets You Be Everything
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 4
    13. Give It A Trya: Maia Lands On Steam Early Access
    14. Too Humble To Handle: The Humble Jumbo Bundle
    1. Cardboard Children - NEWSNEWSNEWS
    2. This Makes Sense (& Sensibility): Jane Austen MMO Is Go
    3. This Skyrim Mod Will Take You Into The Danger Zone
    4. Pixel Piracy Devs Pirate Pixel Piracy
    5. Murder Most Discounted: Blue Toad Murder Files Free-Ish
    6. Save Idiots And Jerks From Certain Immolation In Fire Point
    7. Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Adds Sort-of Origins
    8. Call Of Duty Online Is More Call Of Duty Than Call Of Duty
    9. Space Narwhal Battler Starwhal Getting Bigger, Whal-er
    10. STASIS Digs For Maybe, Possibly Kickstarter Victory
    11. Better Slate Than Never: Rymdkapsel Coming To PC
    12. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 3
    13. Survarium Getting New Areas, Quests, Anomalies 'Soon'
    14. Synapse Judgment: Frozen Endzone Trailer Touches Down
    1. Wot I Think: Journey Of A Roach
    2. Game Music Bundle 6 Offers 24 Albums For $10
    3. The Gaul Of It: Total War: Rome 2 Expansion Announced
    4. Dyscourse Has In-Game Footage At Last - Hurrah!
    5. At The Gates Delayed, Still Far Away From The Gates
    6. Get In Lane: Warhammer 40K Storm Of Vengeance Revealed
    7. Professional Farmer 2014 Is A Game, And Has A Demo
    8. Money Grinding: Lineage Makes $1.8 Billion Over 15 Years
    9. Tinker, Trailer, Master Spy: Play This Platformer Demo
    10. Oi Indies: EGX Rezzed Leftfield Collection Submissions Open
    11. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 2
    12. SteamPipe Jerks: Just Cause 2 MP Mod Coming To Steam
    13. RPS Asks: What's Your First Gaming Memory?
    14. Steam Breaks The 7 Million Concurrent Users Barrier
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Live Free Play Hard: Flowers to Womans, Guns to Mans
    3. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar: Day 1
    4. The Amazing & Astonishing RPS Advent Calendar 2013