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SteamPipe Jerks: Just Cause 2 MP Mod Coming To Steam

Grapple your friends

Just Cause 2 never gets its due. The third-person, open world shooter was hamstrung by mediocre missions, but it was also vast, beautiful and joyfully silly. It's a game where you could do things like tether a plane to a hot air balloon and then surf atop the unguided plane as it loops around and around. It's a game where you could fly using a parachute and a grappling hook, and where mods made that grappling hook infinitely strong, infinitely re-usable, and near-infinite in length.

The Just Cause 2 MP mod has been working on bringing the lonely madness beyond the realms of those missions. I've played it, it's great, and now it's coming to Steam.

In a post on the mod's site announcing that the final beta test will run from December 7th till the 14th, the mod team let loose the news that they'd been working on Steam integration for months.

That doesn't mean that the JC2 MP is going to be a paid for release via the Steam store. It's still free. Instead, like DayZ before it, this means the mod will use the Steam infrastructure to deliver its files. You'll be able to install it by pressing the Install button rather than having to extract files or run a separate executable, and the Steam server browser will allow you to connect with your friends as per any other Steam game.

Maybe it'll have Steam achievements also, but I'm rooting for SteamPipe integration so I can justify the title of this post. "Try to transfer your game now, you SteamPipe jerks."

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