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Just 'Cause: Grand Theft Auto V Grappling Hook Mod

Grapple me dear

As cool ways to get around go, grappling hooks are up there with skateboards and motorbikes. Unlike boards and bikes, however, the super-rad accidents grappling hooks cause won't have you lose significant patches of your skin. Not your own, anyway.

You can now grapple around San Andreas to your hearts' content in Just Cause 2 style, swinging to buildings and tying vehicles together, thanks to a mod for Grand Theft Auto V [official site].

Creator JulioNIB released the Just Cause 2 Grappling hook mod over the weekend and yup, that name about says it all. Like the hook in Avalanche's open-world mischief simulator, the mod's hook lets folks latch onto things and give them a hearty pull - shooting to the top of buildings, latching onto passing cars, jerking people around, or... I'm sure you can come up with hijinks of your own - as well as pin two things together.

You can, if you want, attach a load of cars to a helicopter and marvel as the physics engine and AI try to solve a conundrum they never anticipated. Cops never expect grappling hooks. Have a look:

The download is over here and installation instructions are this-a-way.

We recently had a look at other wonderful and/or silly GTA mods, if you fancy larking about more. Just Cause 3, meanwhile, is due around the end of this year.

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