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Reset Doesn't Have Long Left To Make Lots Of Money


Reset blew us all away with its opening trailer. Heck, it blew me away with its opening screenshots. A single-player co-op where you time travel to interact with yourself, in inexplicably gorgeous graphics. That was all last year. Things went understandably quiet. And then the Finnish pair went to IndieGoGo to try to raise €65,000. Because I'm incapable of guessing the ways of mankind, this is the sort of project I'd be sure would ding its targets straight away, just because people would be interested to see such a beautiful-looking game with such a splendid premise get a chance. With 38 hours left, they're still €22k short.

Further making me believe I should switch jobs and become a Kickstarter/fundraising consultant for an exorbitant percentage of the funds, it's achingly obvious what they got wrong here. The opening video doesn't explain the game at all. It's meaningless. And right there they've lost so much money.

Then the first words you read are about some obscurity of Finnish law. Then something about a competition. Then an update. You've scrolled through two screens before you've got anything that explains the game. Argh! People! Come on!

See, there, at last, is a game I want to see realised. The sillybillies.

So, they've a day and a half to make an awful lot of money. I do rather hope they can get there, just to see what this game could eventually be.

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