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Exo-suits You, Sir: Reset Returns With New Beautiful Trailer

Reset Trailer Is Pretty

Why do exo-suits look at their best when caught in a sudden downpour? Theory: we are all spawned by the same universe-birthing robo-horse, and the sight of graceful machinery being battered by the forces of nature triggers an emotional response like remembering our communal womb.

Other places exo-suits look great include Reset, a self-cooperative first-person puzzle game about time travel set in a rain-soaked city. Theory: is the name of the Finnish indie studio developing it. A new trailer soaks below.

It's been over a year since we last heard a peep about the game, when a similarly pretty trailer made the rounds but offered no glimpse of what you'd do in the game.

With some relief, we now have a better sense of what the game involves, and it looks a cross between Portal 2 and that level in Braid where you co-operate with a version of yourself from an earlier timeline. Again: VIDEOSGAMES. Also, check out that moment where one character throws the big wobbly physics pipe to the other. I hope that's in-game and not a cutscene, because that bit got my nips hard.

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