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Galactic Princess Is As Pretty As A Thing

Space royalty?

You know, if you'd told me that my freelance career would coincide with the biggest resurgence in space gaming, I probably wouldn't left my job. I don't have time for this. Something's going to have to give if I want to have time to play all these damn games and pay the bills. Galactic Princess is another game of space exploration and expansion, this time rendered in the sort of high-definition pixel art that makes everything look retro and futuristic at the same time. It's a "spaceship survival sandbox", one where you're the captain of a ship and doing what you can to survive. The bad thing you do rhymes with "bravery".

While the trailer below doesn't tell us much, the site suggests you'll be joined on the ship with a diverse crew, defining their roles as the ship limps along through space, and using them as cannon fodder when boarding parties. When they're not being mashed under the Mantis storm troopers (who also might become allies) they'll be repairing upgrading the ship, fitting the weapons systems, engines, and everything else that you've traded for along the way.

It also has this gif. Check out the cat top left. That's the sort of ship I'd crew, even if it does sometimes truck in the nasty business of slavery. Watch the trailer, but also check the site out. It's poorly translated English, but it's also rather lovely.

With a wave to Indie Statik

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