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The Witcher 3 Trailer Has A Boat Made Of Dead Men's Claws

Blue sky monster hunting.

The Witcher 3 looks good. The dark fantasy RPG from Polish developers CD Projekt Red is the first to take the series into an open-world, and it's doing so without sacrificing any of the visual flair of the previous games. Evidence? Check out this lovely new trailer.

"I saw a long ship made of the claws of dead men," is a striking line of dialogue, but how buoyant are these dead men's claws? Doesn't it smell a bit when you're sailing around? When you're eating food on the ship, are the plates and pieces of furniture also made of dead men's claws?


The bit I like - properly like, in a not-just-for-lols way - is when the grimdarkness gives way to Geralt riding a galloping horse across green fields under a bright sky. The city shown later is similarly bright. For all its monsters, morbidity and unpleasantness, The Witcher's world is pretty to walk around. Throw in a bit of dynamic monster hunting, some island-hopping adventuring, plus that gryphon thing and The Witcher 3 is almost exciting enough to make me forget all the cack bits from the first two games.

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